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Rita Roof – ein Schweizer Powergirl!

Heute feiert Rita Roof den Release ihres ersten Albums “Stimm i mir”. Das Album ist der perfekte Soundtrack für chillige Sommerabende, die wir hoffentlich bald wieder geniessen dürfen. Kekoas Korner traf sie zum Interview. Viel Spass beim Schauen!

Das Album “Stimm i mir” auf Spotify. Loset ine!

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Patrick Droney on songwriting and the magic of live music

Singer songwriter Patrick Droney moved to Nashville 5 years ago. The influence of the bustling music city and the mekka of songwriting can be heard in his new single “State of the Heart” which will be released this Friday, 26th March. The single is the second song from his album which is set to come out in June. Kekoas Korner was able to talk to him just ahead of the release.

We talked about how much we miss live music and Patrick gave us Nashville sight-seeing advice so I am sure you’ll enjoy our 10min talk which you can watch here:

Patrick Droney’s bucket list venues are also on mine! Slane Castle is a huge estate in Ireland which hosted many great live shows already such as Metallica or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Situated in the middle of a 1,500 acre estate in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Slane Castle is the perfect venue for big outdoor gigs

Red Rocks of course. If you’ve been following my blog you heard a few artists already mentioning this amazing venue. The amphitheatre is located in Colorado and has been the home of many great nights of big artists such as The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Colorado’s very own OneRepublic.

If you’ve enjoyed this interview make sure you follow him on his social media and check out tomorrow’s release “State of the Heart”!

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Sheppard talk new music, fans and food

The Australian band Sheppard best known for their Uber hit “Geronimo” released their newest record “Kaleidoscope Eyes” on 26th February. We met up on Zoom to talk about their favourite songs and the differences between countries while touring.

Hi guys, how are you doing?

Amy: We just finished our production rehearsal. We have a show here on Friday. We had a full day of rehearsing and it’s going really well.

George: We’re very excited about it. It’s the biggest show that we’ve done for ourselves in a long time. It’s our first show in our hometown in Brisbane in about 2 years. All of our friends are coming. The whole Covid thing is easing up here in Brisbane. Vibes are good 🙂

That’s really nice. Hopefully we have some easier restrictions soon too.

Emma, George and Amy

Last year you did 12 songs in 12 months. How did you come up with this cool project?

George: We decided early on in the year that A we needed something to do with our year because we already weren’t doing a lot of touring. We toured the year beforehand. People consume music in such a different way nowadays. It’s all about singles and people don’t listen to a whole album anymore. So we decided to give each song of the album its moment in the sun and ourselves the challenge to write, record, release and film a video clip for a song every single month. We thought it was a good idea at the time. It was a really big struggle at times but I think it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Emma: It was really rewarding. We got to enjoy every single instead of just being worried about one single and a lot of pressure on that one single. So it was nice to just release a song and focus on the next.

OK so you literally wrote the song in one month and did everything to it and then released it?

G: Sometimes. We did have some demos that we’ve been working on and we did have a basket of songs that we kept picking out: „What about this one, what about that one?“ „OK we try that one“ and then work on that one for the rest of the month.

That is a really big challenge!

G: There were some songs that we started from sratch like solid gold or animals.

Will they be on your new record?

G: Yes, so the 12 songs that we released last year are on the album. We also got another extra couple of tracks – sort of like bonus tracks.

We’re looking forward to „Kaleidoscope Eyes“!

G: Me too, can’t wait to have it out there properly!

What’s your favourite song on the record?

A: I think we all have different favourites. Mine is probably solid gold. It’s been picked up by NBC in the States as the official olympic theme song. That’s a really big deal for us. I just loved writing it. It nearly didn’t make the album because we had a really good chorus but for some reason the verse didn’t really fit. We couldn’t think of anything. So we thought we would just gonna abandon the song. Which happens to a song sometimes but we stuck with it and we came up with a new verse and it worked really well!

G: For me it’s symphony. I really like the energy of it. It’s very uplifting, anthemic, happy song. There’s not a single minor cord in that song which I find interesting. It’s just this massive uplifting declaration of love. You can just feel the electric energy in it and I really enjoy performing it on stage.

E: For me I would say Brand New it’s just really happy electric…

*Everyone laughs*

G: Happy electric declaration of love.

E: It really is though. I just love the lyrics and what they mean to me.

Uplifting is good. We need it right now. Who were/are your musical i nfluences?

G: We’ve got a couple. A lot of old timy songs. Artists like Elton John, Cat Stevens and the BeeGees. We grew up listening to that sort of music. Our Dad and Mom instilled that timeless sense of classic songwriting in us from an early age. So we always try to instill that in our music. In terms of bands nowadays I’m a huge Coldplay fan. I really like the vibe they have – that stadium feeling – we’re in it together. It’s really lovely energy in a live show. That’s one of my fav band of all time. What about you Emma?

E: I love Noah Cyrus at the moment. Love her songs and her voice as well.

A: My biggest influence is more old timey stuff like Fleetwood Mac because they have the male female lead vocalist, lots of harmonies, great hooks and everyone of their songs are quite unique. That’s something we really do well as well.

You do! 🙂 Now touring internationally has been impossible the last year. But as soon as it’s allowed again will you be coming back to Europe?

*All three of them are nodding emphatically*

G: Absolutely! Kind of want to sneak over there somehow now. Nearly get a boat and find out where we land.
We’ve got a big fanbase in the netherlands and belgium and Switzerland and Sweden. There is this whole collection of European countries that are really big on Sheppard. We just can’t wait to get back over there and play to our fans again. It’s a long time coming. It feels like we really need to get back over there.

Yes, it’s been 6 years since you’ve been here!

G: 2015 when we played in Zurich.

Yes, at Mascotte and look I still got the set list!

Sheppard, Mascotte 2015

All: Wow. Oh my God. 🙂

G: That’s Emma’s handwriting! 🙂

Do you still handwrite your setlists?

G: Sometimes, if we haven’t got a printer but right now we’ve got a bit more professional. We have a laptop and portable printer. But still people take them and we sign them for them. Maybe if we come back to Switzerland you can have one again!

Hopefully so! And you can sign both of them! 🙂 Speaking of touring… What would be your favourite or most special venue you’ve played in or want to play in?

G: Over in Europe we really enjoyed Paradiso in Amsterdam. I thought that was a really beautiful venue. Those really big nice theatrical venues. We are actually doing one right now here in Brisbane. It’s probably the best venue you can play here. It’s called the fortitude music hall. It’s brand new. 3000 capacity and right in the center of town. It’s something we’ve needed in Brisbane for so long! It’s this really beautiful venue. We’re stocked to be able to play it last Friday night!

It’s so nice hearing about concerts! It’s like I wish!

G: I know! We’re gonna have 1000 people there so it’s not full capacity but we still get 1000 people at a show, we get to perform live. I’m pinching myself!

Do you notice cultural differences in fans? Like people from Australia are different to people from Switzerland or Amsterdam?

E: Yes, for sure. We talked about this in another interview as well. In Japan they just stand there and they’re trying to be polite. That’s just the way that they are. You don’t know on stage and you think you are playing really badly and then they’re clapping and cheering at the end. Every different country has a different way of celebrating music. We went to Italy once and they sang every single song even though they probably didn’t know them – which was amazing! What would you say?

G: Germany is I think the same as Japan where they just stand there and watch. They are enjoying it and they just take it in. You think that you’re bombing out on stage. As soon as the song finishes that’s their time to show appreciation whereas in Australia, Holland and Italy I’ve noticed it especially they just don’t stop making noise.

E: I noticed it in Switzerland as well. They’re very quiet during the set and we went off stage and thought „Oh God we really did a bad set!“ and they were calling for an encore! And we were like oh we did all right then if they’re calling for more!

I enjoyed it a lot I can tell you that!

G: We I hope you’ll enjoy the new show as well!

I’m sure! I can remember it so well! A little show but a great one! I’ll be back 🙂 What do you like most about Switzerland?

Sheppard about Switzerland

You’re three siblings in a band. What would you say is the most difficult part?

Everyone: Mhhhh

G: It’s not really too much that’s difficult about it. I think we fight more than a normal band would but it’s also not really anything too serious. So whenever we do have a fight it’s more common. We might fight about something stupid like who gets the front seat of the van. It’s very trivial stuff. We can be honest with one another and just get past it which I don’t think a lot of people can do in other bands. I don’t really think there is anything bad…

A: Except for like it’s Christmas Day and it’s hard to switch off from work. You’re talking about the album. Sometimes it’s hard to switch back to family mode. That sometimes gets a bit difficult especially if you had a bad day or something negative happened it’s hard to remember that we were family before this.

G: That’s a good answer.

What would you say is the best part of being siblings in a band?

E: That we can be honest with one another.

A: On the flipside where you have each other all the time. You can run ideas by each other at all hours and you can really rely on each other because you’re family and obviously you’re not gonna – hopefully *looks at George and Emma* – stab me in the back  That’s definitely a benefit for us.

G: You’re never lonely on tour. We’re always together. There are so many moments where the other guys in the band are like I wish we had family with us and we get to do that every day. We are very lucky! We just miss our father who’s up in Papua New Guinea and we don’t see him as often as we’d like. Our Mom comes with us everywhere and we’re always together so we’re really lucky.

Now we have some Fan Questions:

With Corona Virus making it difficult for artists at the moment. What do you miss most?

E: I would just say miss flying. Being able to choose whether to tour or not. Our songs are taking off overseas and we can’t go over there to push them. So it’s a bit annoying.

A: I think it’s just the human connection for me. We spent so long in the studio. We’re so used to being able to then go to a show and meet and play for our fans and hear them singing back to us. That’s all been taken away.

G: That’s where you really discover what impact your music is having. Because you can do livestreams and play for the fans and then see the comments coming up and you get likes on Instagram but it’s not the same as being at a show seeing the people’s faces in the crowd, feeling the energy and that happiness and the impact your music is having. That’s when you get to gage it and you loose that when you don’t get to tour live. It’s easy to feel like you’re not succeeding or your music is not really going anywhere. It feels like you’re just stuck.

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on stage?

George about his most embarrassing moment on stage

What’s your favourite food?

E: Ohhhh!

G: Emma!

E: This is a hard question.

G: No it’s not! You know…

E: If I could eat it everyday I would. Crawfish!

G: That’s not at all what I thought she was gonna say!!

E: I could eat anything Asian but Viatnamese is at the top of my list.

A: I’m a simple gal. It’s chocolate ice cream.

So you definitely have to come back to Switzerland.

A: Yes! I love chocolate! 🙂

G: I’m an even simpler guy. I love Vanilla ice cream.

I love the fact that two out of three mentioned a ice cream as their favourite food! 😀

G: Emma’s the adventurous taster. She’s the first to eat crickets in Mexico. She really wants to eat Tarantula if she gets a chance.

Wow! 🙂 Well thank you so much for the interview that was a lot of fun!

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Lockdown Artist Discovery Lauren Daigle

Creativity, togetherness and music are not dead even during lockdown. So a group of Swiss Music Bloggers got together and decided to create a series that showcases new up and coming artists. Every Sunday at 6pm you get to discover 2 new artists and here’s is one of mine:

Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle

I am a huge fan of Lauren Daigle. A lot of people will recognize her song “You Say”. It’s been played on the radio quite a lot. I also assume most people think that Adele is singing that song. They have a quite similar sound. However, most people don’t know that the song is actually a religious song. Lauren Daigle is a christian music singer and a really good one at that. “You Say” won a grammy as well as her album “Look Up Child”.

You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing

You say I am strong when I think I am weak

And You say I am held when I am falling short

And when I don’t belong, oh You say I am Yours

And I believe 

You Say

Her album “Look Up Child” is one of my favs and I can listen to it for hours. The first track “Still rolling stones” is a gospel song and it’s so powerful! I’ve added her Spotify below so you should definitely listen to it – not just to this song 🙂 Each time you listen to the record you find a new jewel or a new nuance you haven’t heard before.

Lauren Daigle was supposed to go on a European tour and then Corona hit. So I can only hope that once this is over she will reschedule her tour and include a Swiss date!
And hope is what the album emits. Every song has strong meaning and a story behind it. Of course it’s also religious but I do think you would enjoy the songs even if you are not a religious person.

Last year Lauren also participated in a live stream event and I got to experience her online “live” 🙂 And her voice did not disappoint! Plus she was super nice and funny. She loves bracelets so all her fans give her friendship bracelets. She’s gonna end up with a really heavy arm soon if she continues like that!

On February 26th she’s releasing her new single “Hold on to me” which I am super excited to hear since it’s the first release after the 2018 album. It’s been a while so I am sure she had time to dig deep and write some jewels for the new record.

Lauren Daigle has a powerful voice and gives hope to us in a time where everyone needs a bit of hope. An amazing female vocalist who I cannot wait to see live!

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Nathan Evans the guy behind the sea shanty success Wellerman

Kekoas Korner is super stocked that I got the chance to interview Nathan Evans. His song “Wellerman” is currently at No. 10 in the Swiss charts and I’m sure it’s still going to rise. So are you ready to find out the funniest thing that happened to Nathan back when he was still a mail man? So let’s dive right into the interview:

How did you find the „Wellerman“ song and what made you cover it?

I’ve been doing Tik Tok videos since last January covering  different songs. In July someone left a comment underneath one of my videos saying «I think you’d be really good at this song and I think you should try it. It’s a sea shanty called «Leave her Johnny». Could you try that song?»
So I went away and I’ve done some research and I thought that’s quite good. So did it and I uploaded it. The comments under that one were like «Oh My God, that’s amazing!», «Could you do the Drunken Sailor?», «Could you do the Wellerman?». Just basically all those sea shanties.
In December I got around to do the Wellerman.

And then it took off! 🙂

Yes, that’s it! 🙂

You probably heard your song on the radio right?


How did you feel when you heard Wellerman on the radio for the first time?

Probably the first time I heard it on the radio was at the start of January. It was insane! To hear myself on the radio is crazy. And ever since then it keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Wellerman is a sea shanty but generally what are your musical influences?

I’ve been singing since I was 6 and I’ve been playing guitar since I was 8. So it’s been a big part of my life forever. But now who influences me are Dermot Kennedy, Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi. They’re like the main three front runners for influences but back when I was growing up there was Elvis, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. It’s quite a large group of people who can influence me.

Can we expect your own songs after Wellerman?

Possibly! I’m hoping to let everyone see that I don’t just do sea shanties. I can do other stuff as well. I want to let people see that I can do loads of different music. That’s the plan.

Zoom call with Nathan Evans

 So you’re writing your own music? What’s your writing process?

It depends. Sometimes I am sitting on my computer playing or I’ll be out doing something and some words come to mind. So I grab my phone… My phone is absolutely stacked with once sentences. 🙂 Other times a melody will come to me so I just sing it in my phone in voice notes.
I also actually sit down and say I’m gonna write a song. It just depends on where the mood takes me that day.

I’m sure were a few crazy things that happened the last few weeks but what was the craziest?

Going to No 1 on Capital Radio’s big top 40 was insane! Sitting at No 2 still on the official charts. And probably Brian May mentioning me. That was one of the highlights. That’s insane!!

Yes, I saw that on Tik Tok today!

Yeah, incredible.

In Switzerland you’re No 10 this week! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?!

Just incredible. *Smiles and shakes his head in disbelief*

I’m sure this overnight success is quite incredible as you just said. How did your family and friends and wife react?

They’re all so happy for me. They look forward to what’s to come next. Everyday they’re texting me wondering what I’m up to and want to see what’s to come. They are just so happy! It’s good because they’re all very supportive.

That’s great! Are they concerned as well for example that they won’t see you any more?

Noooo. They’re all the same. I think everybody is used to not seeing me now because of the Corona virus and being stuck in the house. If need be I will give them a Zoom call.
They’re just all very excited and happy.
It’s good because they’ve obviously seen that this has been a big part of my life for while now. It’s been something I wanted to do and now it’s happening.

You just mentioned the corona virus which is making touring impossible. But we all hope in 2022 or later this year there will be some live music again. Do you plan to tour Europe or the world then?

Possibly. I would like to imagine it. That would be absolutely amazing. We never know. It might come still but wait and see what happens.

Note by Kekoas Korner: His first 4 live gigs in Dublin, Manchester, London and Glasgow for later this year are going on sale 19th Feb!

Are there any live streams planned?

Possibly. Obviously Tik Tok has been a big place for me. I used to go live on there. It’s not a far fetched idea to think I could do a live stream. So yes, that’s a possibility.

I’m sure all the fans would love to see it! I’ve seen a few myself and yes it’s not the same as live concerts but at least it’s something.

It’s as close as we can get! 🙂

Yes! So when you’re touring or maybe even later down the road what would be your favourite or most special venue you’d like to play in?

One day the biggest and most ambitious has got to be Wembley. That is like the number one spot for me. If I ever manage to get to play that, that would be outstanding.

And what would you say needs to happen that you can say you’ve made it with your music? Is that already the case or at what point would you say that?

Once I released a song that I’ve written and I’ve done everything myself and that everbody loves the same way they love the Wellerman. That would be the moment for me that I’m like right OK people like this and I’ve made it. Until that happens I’ll just sit with my fingers and toes crossed hoping that will happen.

Well hopefully in two to three months! *Crossing my fingers*
The interview was quite last minute so I didn’t have a lot of time to ask my follower on Instagram to send me some fan questions. But here are a few:

Do you watch football and what team do you support?

Yes I watch football. I like to keep up to date with all things football. I watch the Scottish leagues, the English Leagues, Europa league, Champions league when they’re on. So I love football.
I do support a team. It’s a local Glasgow team.

Support your local, right?! 🙂

Yes, that’s it 🙂

What was the funniest thing that happened to you when you were a mail man?

Nathan tells us his funniest story as a mail man

What’s your favourite food?

Probably a rare steak and chips. Nice and simple nothing too fancy 🙂

What about desserts?

I’m not big for desserts. I’m quite fussy. Just a plain chocolate bar that’s probably my favourite.

So you should definitely come to Switzerland! 🙂

Yes, exactly! 🙂

Will you be continuing doing tik tok videos?

Definitely! The base fans and loads of support came from there. I’m not gonna stop. It’s where I started and it would be unfair to them if I just stopped.

Do you have anything else you’d like to say to your Swiss fans?

Just thank you for your support! It’s incredible that the song is doing so well. I’m super grateful for everybody who’s been listening to the song and been streaming it and shown so much so support.

Thank you Nathan for the interview! I’m hoping to see you live soon!

Can’t get enough of Nathan?

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Lockdown Artist Discovery: Nathan Evans

Creativity, togetherness and music are not dead even during lockdown. So a group of Swiss Music Bloggers got together and decided to create a series that showcases new up and coming artists. Every Sunday at 6pm you get to discover 2 new artists and here’s is one of mine:

Nathan Evans – From postman to popstar

Nathan Evans

That’s the story of Nathan Evans. Only a few weeks ago the citizens of Airdire, Scotland were blessed with a singing postman delivering their mail everyday. But these days the world is small thanks to social media. Nathan uploaded a tik tok video of himself singing a very old sea shanty called “Wellerman” – and the rest is history as they say.

The 30 sec “Wellerman” video went viral and was watched by 12 million people on tik tok. Nathan Evans drums on his guitar to create a beat and his incredible voice with the very charming accent does the rest. Loads of other tik tokers started to duet with him. It literally took off like a rocket! Of course this couldn’t go unnoticed by the big music labels and here you go – Nathan is now a signed artist at a major label Polydor Records and is now in the midst of Billie Eilish or Selena Gomez.
Have a look at this cool compilation YouTube video:

“Wellerman” – the background

The 26 year old has obviously hit a nerve with the sea shanty that orgininated in New Zealand. The “Wellerman” was a supply ship between 1830 to 1840 that was part of the whale hunting company “The Weller Bros.” The whale hunting origin of the song can be seen in the word “tonguin” which describes the tiresome work of cutting a whale into pieces. A bit gruesome I know but the song is about longing and hoping – which to be fair we all do at the moment.

“Wellerman 2021”

The hopeful longing for the arrival of the Wellerman and for us right now the hopeful longing of a normal world. Is that why the this song hit a nerve? I don’t know. But what I know is that the song is an inspiration: Hard work and the pay off will come. So we just have to wait a little while longer. For Nathan the hard work has definitely paid off.
I honestly cannot wait for him to be able to perform this song live. I can feel the goosebumps already of thousands of people singing our lockdown tik tok anthem.

The original Tik Tok video is great but of course it needed a little make over to be played in clubs – haha I know there are no clubs at the moment, but there will be. “Wellerman 2021” has great dance beat and didn’t loose it shanty character! I am currently listening to both songs on replay.
And yes – I’m so proud to say that the radios are starting to play the song as well! 🙂 Kekoas Korner is also super stocked that I got to interview Nathan Evans! Read more here.

Nathan Evans has a brilliant unique voice and I can’t wait to hear more songs! But what I love most is his story from postman to popstar within a few weeks thanks to tik tok. I wish him all the success in the world and hopefully we’ll get to see him live soon!

Follow Nathan Evans’ career

Tik Tok: Nathan Evans
Instagram: Nathan Evans
Spotify: Nathan Evans

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My thoughts on 2020

It’s October 2020 and I was planning to beat my number of concerts from last year. I thought I would finally see Onerepublic again. I figured I’d see one or two (or maybe more – you never know :D) The Script shows. Maybe go to a few festivals and then follow Saint City Orchestra (the band im promoting) around for their tour in late autumn.

Oh how it all changed…

On February 27th I visited my (and their) last big concert at Hallenstadion. Deichkind – a german band who I’ve been following on and off since my childhood but never seen live. I am honestly soooo glad I went to that last gig. The big C word was already in everyone’s mind but no restrictions yet. However, I already noticed people coming in late. But let me tell you it was a party – a proper party!
The day after the government announced decisions that would change our life.

I immediately got texts saying „OMG what are you doing now? Are you missing gigs?“.

To be honest with you I enjoyed the time out without any concerts. I finally got to relax. As restrictions eased I finally got to spend after work drinks at the lake. I was able to be spontaneous and just say „Hey let’s have dinner tonight“ whereas before I was fully booked for the whole week.

In September Saint City Orchestra was able to play a live show in a venue called Presswerk. It was so special. Hearing the audience sing-a-long to the songs gave me goosebumps. You could tell that the crowd missed live shows since they wouldn’t stop singing and asked for more than one encore.

Of course it was totally different to February 27th: Masks and space between groups of people. But do you know what? EVERYONE had a good time!

I think thanks to this concert break I will enjoy the coming concerts so much more and appreciate the ones I saw. I will forever cherish the last summer travelling through Germany for Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour or our crazy moments heading to London for two days to see The Script in the Royal Albert Hall.
Especially these memories are why live concerts are just so incredible and why I can’t stop going to gigs.

These last few months have been incredibly difficult for everyone in the live entertainment business. No, I’m not talking about the big name artists. I am talking about venues, organisers, road crews, smaller musicians etc. They’ve all lost their livelihood from one day to the next and let me tell you the struggle is still very real now. Crowdfundings and a gig here and there won’t keep the majority afloat.

So while I understand the importance of restrictions I fail to understand why a whole industry is left in the dark what the future might bring. I already see little venues closing which would normally support local live music and bring joy and art to the people. It is scary.

It’s been 6 months and I hope that we get to enjoy gigs again soon. Not because I miss it (which is true of course) but because all these people need their jobs back.

So I am sure that we get to make new memories soon which might be a bit different from before but hey who cares?! J Live music is live music and I can see a person’s emotion even with a face mask on.

P.S: I actually can’t believe we actually got to see concerts this year. Someone posted a picture from the Lewis Capaldi gig and I couldn’t believe it was in 2020! Then I realise I’ve seen Brett Eldredge (LOOOVE), Silbermond, Lewis Capaldi (HAHA), Aloe Blacc (my boy), Slipknot (God, Corey Taylor is hot), Jonas Brothers (I’m too old for this!), Lennon Stella (Where are my Nashie’s at?!), Wrabel (Ahh the memories of last year are flooding back) and as I mentioned Deichkind. Wow…

I’d like to finish this with a song lyric by Maroon 5:

Here’s to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not
‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
Of everything we’ve been through
Toast to the ones here today
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you

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The Beautiful Trauma Tour Diary – We’re all P!nk on the inside

I’m a proud P!NK fan for 18 years and after her two shows at Waldbühne in Berlin I couldn’t wait for the Beautiful Trauma World Tour. So we decided to do a little German tour ourselves. First up Berlin Olympiastadion, then Waldstadion in Frankfurt, Olympiastadion in Munich twice and finally Zurich at Letzigrund stadion. So here’s my little recap of these awesome different five gigs.

The Support Acts

DJ Kid Cut Up

What an awesome DJ! I’ve seen many many bad ones but this one really knew what he was doing. Mixing so many hits together making us ready to party. He knew how to get the crowd going and was brilliant to have him in-between the two supporting bands. Plus I loved the last 15mins of his set when he literally prepared us for the show with vocal coaching by Freddie Mercury, Hands-up partying with 50 Cent. DJ Kid Cut Up was a lovely addition to the Beautiful Traum Tour and I’d love to see him again.

Bang Bang Romeo

I grew to love Bang Bang Romeo because they’re an incredible powerful band from Yorkshire, England. I love how confident Stars – the lead singer – is. No matter what size you are you should be proud of your body and she definitely oozed body confidence and I love her for that. Every time I couldn’t wait to see what she was wearing! Ross and Rich aren’t shy of colours and glitter either so the three are a match made in heaven. Now let’s talk music. The trio rocked their set. They’ve added two covers – “What’s Up?” by the 4 Non Blondes and “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. So good!!! 🙂

With “Shame on you” and “Chemical” Bang Bang Romeo have two powerful rock songs which totally get stuck in your head! I’m actually hoping that they’re coming back soon for their own headline show! During their 30mins set I got to rock out and by the time we got to the 2nd gig in Munich I was able to singalong too 🙂 And coming to my last point and why I love Bang Bang Romeo even more they are actually answering you on Instagram – which is why I knew that they wouldn’t be performing in Zurich but would still travel along. Such a shame! But I am glad for my four times I did get to see them 🙂

Vance Joy

I was super excited to finally see Vance Joy live and we did get to listen to him for 45mins. He started out with “Mess is Mine” and “Georgia” – a beautiful ballade which I grew to love very much. “Fire and the Flood” got me dancing every time and singing veery highly and loudly haha But what I love about the song are the trumpets and the awesome rhythm! He then asked us if there are some Bruce Springsteen fans? And let me tell you Zurich has the most which made Vance Joy very happy 😀 “Dancing in the Dark” is also a lovely cover.

The summer vibes were big in the 2nd part of the set – and obviously the Aussie knows how to do that. “We’re going home” started it off and when Vance Joy brought out the little Ukulele for “Saturday Sun” I definitely couldn’t stop dancing! 🙂 “Lay it on me” came before the party really started with a Lionel Richie cover “All Night Long” mixed in with Justin Bieber’s “Sorry. Love love loved it !! And then he finally sang his mega hit “Riptide” and now everyone knew who they were actually seeing haha
I can honestly say I am looking forward to seeing him in a small show here in Zurich. So please Vance Joy come back soon! 🙂

Here I Go Again

The awesome band which I will introduce you later started to walk on stage with a song by Whitesnake called “Here I Go Again” so we all knew it’s about to start! In typical P!NK fashion she flew in on a huge pink chandelier and very obviously started singing “Get the party started”. I loved the start of the show because it meant that we still had two hours of awesomeness to come! 😀 Now it was time to introduce us to the “Beautiful Trauma” tour and in Munich “Are you ready to sweat with us tonight?!” 😀

You guys know that I love confetti and fireworks but I absolutely lose it if an artist has a treadmill kinda thing on stage – and of course, P!NK had it! For “Just Like A Pill” which got all the old fans dancing she walked up and down the catwalk on the treadmill thing and started saying hello to the first rows. Another classic is “Who Knew” and I’m soo happy it made the setlist. In Munich on Night 1 it was soo hot that everyone couldn’t really think straight including P!NK 😀 She started with the 2nd verse and had to stop the song after the first few lines. It was so cute hahaha I don’t know what it was that day but there was a special atmosphere at the Olympiastadion.

Revenge Land

We were shown a short video which introduced us to Revenge Land. You can see the start of it in my Frankfurt highlights on Instagram. But basically, it said what you can do if your sweetie pees in the shower or farts in bed or pukes on you on a roller coaster. Yes, those are all examples from the video and I loved watching the reactions of the crowd since I knew what was coming 😀

The die-hard P!NK fans knew that “Funhouse” had to come on after this introduction but little did we know that she remixed it with No Doubt’s “Just a Girl”! What an awesome combination!! 😀 And yes, P!NK we looove Gwen Stefani haha At the end of this song P!NK introduced us to her awesome band and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do now too: Eva Gardner on Bass, Mark Schulman on drums, Stacy Campbell and Jenny singing backing vocals, Justin Derrico aka Spanky on the guitar, Jason Chapman on keys, Jessy Greene on Violin and Cello and Adriana on keys and vocals and guitar. Y’all rock and make this show amazing! THANK YOU 🙂

It’s silly if I say this is highlight because actually the whole show is a highlight but let’s just say I was looking forward to this song a lot. “Hustle” from the new record was already one of my fav songs before the tour but now it deffo is. P!NK said that this song is for everyone who pissed you off. Plus she also taught us a new dance: The Jitterbug

An unbelievable moment we got to enjoy was when P!NK and Khasan did an incredible acrobatic thing during her song “Secrets”. It’s just WOW what these two are doing. I won’t describe it because there are no words. Just have a look in my highlights… Try Zurich 🙂


All the dancers and P!NK created a beautiful mystical moment during “Try” and in Munich Night 1 the rain started and the thunderstorms in the back added to the magical atmosphere. I will never ever forget this beautiful moment. It kept drizzling throughout the night and the thunderstorms never came but made for a wonderful backdrop. When “Just Give me a Reason” started all the phone lights went up and I had goosebumps all over my body. In every city except Zurich the phone lights made this song very beautiful. Because Zurich started so early it wasn’t dark enough to get the people to take out their phones for this song but wait for it the Swissies are just special! 😀

Up next is a song by Bishop Briggs called “River”. P!NK covered the song two years ago at Waldbühne and I fell in love with the song. I am over the moon that she put it back on the setlist. No-one around normally knows this song but it is so powerful and one of my highlights in every city. My Mom filmed the song in Zurich because I could never ever sit still enough to do that. I enjoyed every second of the song and I will post it soon. Now the good news is that if you suffer from the after tour blues as well Bishop Briggs is coming to Europe! Are you joining me??

After water there is fire. “Just like Fire” warmed me up in Berlin and made it even hotter in Frankfurt. Every time I was looking forward where the fire would go off this time. It changed in every city and I loved this surprise moment.

Women are strong

In Berlin we had actual rockets pointing at the sky during “What About Us”. It was so beautiful and so special but unfortunately this only happened in Berlin. It was super emotional for me because only a few meters away P!NK performed the song for the first time two years ago. I felt the tears rising so I started filming and I could prevent me from crying. During the last gig in Zurich I didn’t want to hold back any emotions so I let it out. I was super sad that it was almost over but also super happy that I still got enjoy another hour of the show.

After this emotional song it’s hard to focus on the next song but I am sooo glad that the Swiss audience appreciated “For Now” with lots of phone lights. It was so special because in no other city the lights went up so even P!NK recognized this and said “Thank you, that was beautiful”. Now we got to listen to another song of the new album. “90 days” with Wrabel. A beautiful duet and a moment to be quiet – not everyone respected that….

Time for some alone time with Spanky 😀 P!NK and Justin sat down and lots of fans threw stuff at her. So many presents cheese, frogs, ducks…! But I want to mention how special this one present is – a mini chandelier with P!NK just like the one from the beginning. So impressive honestly!
“Time After Time” a cover by Cindy Lauper brought out the lights in Frankfurt. The new song “Walk Me Home” we already got to hear in a new version and in Zurich people started clapping which never happened before! Such a great atmosphere! The Swissies are so different haha

The band joined the two at the end of the catwalk stage. We all had a big ol’ party with “I am Here”. What a song! You got the biiig anthem moment and also the party in the middle where the band and some people in the crowd danced. “F**kin’ perfect” finished the Women are strong part.

My Daughter is beautiful

During “Raise your Glass” P!NK introduced us to the amaaaazing dancers and here they are: Reina Hidalgo, Shannon Holtzapffel, Tracy Shibata, Jeremy Hudson, Anthony Westlake, Remi Bakkar, Khasan Brailsford, Loriel Hennington, Madelyne Spang, Justine Lutz
I will also post a video soon with the whole introduction. They deserve all the applause in the world. Y’all are rockstars!
And finally, Willow is coming on stage as well! Another little badass woman in the making! 🙂

The party is on with “Blow Me (one last kiss)” and 90’s remix of “Can We Pretend” which marks the last song of the normal set. Super colourful fireworks and confetti are all over the audience while P!NK slowly descends into the stage floor only to come back with a real bang! The moment everyone has been waiting for.

She’s singing “So What” and actually flies around the stadium! 😀 It is honestly incredible and I’ve been speaking to people all over and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. I love the reactions and even if you show videos to people they go: “WOW! Incredible! Unbelievable!” 😀 If you don’t know what I’m talking about just watch the video on Instagram.

With one last song after the party P!NK comes back on stage to say a quiet Goodbye to us. “Glitter in the Air” is such a beautiful ballade and so fitting because she sings:

Have you ever wished for an endless night?
Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight
Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself
Will it ever get better than tonight?

Glitter in the Air by P!NK

And let me tell you Munich Night 1 and Zurich were exactly one of those nights that you wished wouldn’t stop. I am so happy I got to spend 5 nights with these incredible artists giving their best for us. I will have these memories forever. Thank you!

P!NK proves that she’s currently the best live artist in the world. An energetic heartfelt performance that you will tell your grandchildren about. If you haven’t seen it you missed out and if you’re about to see it you are definitely in luck! 🙂


Goosebumps guarenteed​: Songland

I found this new show from the network NBC on Saturday and I couldn’t stop watching it. It is mesmerisingly fantastic and I can only recommend it. The show is called Songland and portrays the process of songwriting. Not a lot of people know how a song is made and how much hard work and creativity gets put into it. Songland highlights all the amazing songwriters and I just loved it.

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Party hard with Asher Roth

Asher Roth live is just like the Asher Roth I had imagined. I’m so happy that Just Because brought him to Mascotte last Friday. It was the perfect start to the weekend. To the peeps who weren’t there you deffo missed a party! 🙂

Let’s start the party

At 8.20 Asher Roth came on stage. He didn’t need a support act warming up the crowd because we were ready. But let me tell you I really didn’t expect this. As soon as the first beats came blasting out Asher said hello to us. Not just a wave, no. He came down to us and shook everyone’s hands or fist pumped us. I loved it. So cool. He started with his first mix tape and some people already knew the songs but most of us were still a bit shy.

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