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Dustin Lynch in Las Vegas

Dustin Lynch in Las Vegas at the Superbowl weekend was just incredible. The country vibes in the US plus the party atmosphere made for an unforgetable great gig!

As a country fan it was a must see when we heard that Dustin Lynch performs in Vegas during our super bowl trip. And luckily we got there early and made barrier. The weather was great and the atmosphere was buzzin. People came to party – and that’s what we did!

Partying in Las Vegas, Baby!

Dustin opened the show with “Stars like Confetti” and everyone was already jumping and having a good time. Everyone could singalong and were dancing to some brilliant country music songs. For us Swissies it is so special to see/hear country music artists live and experience the party atmosphere that comes with it.

Of course Dustin Lynch played all his hits. During “Tequila on a boat” he took shots with the audience and in the background we saw a hilarious clip – yes it involved some nudity too 😀 But who can blame them if they were in their “Party Mode”.

Party Mode

I was so looking forward to my two favourite songs “I’d be jealous too” and “Small town boy”. Especially the latter because I knew after Vegas we were heading to small towns in Utah and would be experiecing the real America. But what we didn’t know was that my Highlight came during “Thinking ‘Bout You”.

Dustin Lynch had a bath in the audience and I knew this was my moment. I had prepared some friendship bracelets for Vegas in general – Marry me Sweetheart – as you do in Vegas right?! So I thought why not give him one of these! He was singing to people just in front of me and I waved the bracelet in front of him. He saw it and knew exactly what to do. I smoothly put the bracelet around his arm and EVERYONE around us was loving it! Taylor Swift had the best idea with these friendship bracelet thing! It’s such an easy way to connect and everyone enjoys it.

However, Dustin had to get back up on stage and broke my friendship bracelet before he could even read it. He said: “Make me another one!”
So Dustin Lynch I heard ya! You better come to Zurich to pick your new and stronger friendship bracelet up 🙂

Trading Friendship Bracelets with Dustin Lynch

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