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Is it okay to Shhh people at a concert?


Kekoa thinks: HELL YES! You’ve been waiting for a long time to see your favourite artist and you paid good money and then someone talks about his or her day during your fav song. That is not OK!
Lately I’ve noticed a trend that is really worrying. People go to concerts because they need to be seen at it or more likely they need to take pics for Instagram etc. so people know that they were there. I’ve seen people taking selfies during a performance. To me it’s incredibly weird and imagine the artists who’s singing a heartfelt song and someone suddenly stands in front of you and takes a pic like you’re a statue. Those people actually don’t care about the artists or the music itself. They do not listen to the lyrics and they don’t know a lot of songs. So most of the time they are talking – LOUDLY!
Don’t get me wrong I fully understand that you want to share a funny moment with your concert buddy or you want to take a pic of the band but this can be done quietly or discreetly. I always wondered if the artists on stage can hear people chit chatting and lately I talked to a few and I can confirm they do. It is super disrespectful and I feel sorry not only for the artist but also for the people who really came for the music.
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When I go to a concert I’m totally caught up in the music and often the slow songs are very emotional. So if people talk it is really disturbing. I’ve wondered for a long time what I should do and I used to let it go and be annoyed about it. But you know what? Why should I or you? We came to listen and this is what we want to do now – if people want to talk they can do it outside. A concert is about music and not talking or taking pics!
So now I asked them nicely to be quiet and I do not care if they look at me funny. Unfortunately there are loads of people who are very inconsiderate and that’s just the way it is. Let me tell you another story: A few years ago P!nk asked everyone to stand up for “Leave me Alone (I’m Lonely) ” – yes I still know – and dance with her so my concert buddy and I did. A few seconds later I got tapped on the shoulder and was rudely be told to sit down. I could not understand this either. The artist asks you to stand up and you stay seated that’s one thing but then you go ahead and ruin someone else’s concert is another.
So next time you are at a concert and someone is telling everyone what they’ve been up to, tell them to please be quiet in a nice voice and hope for the best!
Have you had a similar experience and would you shhh a person during a concert? Do you think it’s ok? Comment below or on my social media accounts: twitter, instagram and facebook.

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  1. When I first read the title of your newest post, I was like: NO WAY! Don’t you dare shush me!
    Than I read the whole thing and I was like: Okay, I would do the same! Because – at least for me – it’s one of the most annoying things when you are at a concert, a musical or whatever event and you are there to watch the performance, but the people around you are chitchatting like they’re having a kaffeeklatsch and all you wanna do is yell at them! And that’s exactly what I normally do. I just turn around, show them my “don’t you dare fuck with me”-face and tell them to shut the fuck up. And most of the time they do exactly that! Thank God! If they wanna catch-up with their friends, they can do that at a café or wherever, but not at an event where the only reason you attend is to watch somebody you like perform on stage.
    So shush them as much as you want! I have your back ;D

    1. Lol thanks! I have yours. 🙂 seriously one of the most annoying things at a concert are these people and a lot of people are annoyed by it but don’t do anything. I want to encourage them to voice their discomfort so that they can enjoy the concert! Xxx Nina

      1. thanks ;D
        I guess it’s our society’s fault. A lot of people are afraid to speak up and fight for what they want. Even if it’s just the peace to watch and listen to a concert full heartedly and without the disruption of chit chat. I love it, that you want to encourage people to speak up! <3

  2. I’ve never had an issue in concerts so sorry to hear you’re having these problems! I’m always way too into the music to be noticing what other people are doing.
    I do find the social media life quite strange though… The idea that you must show people how good your life is otherwise it’s not good, it’s all just weird! It’s affecting so many parts of life now too 🙁

    1. Lucky you! The problem is you can’t really get into the music if you have someone babbling next to you 🙁
      Totally agree! Very shallow.
      Thank you for your lovely comment! X

  3. I don’t know that I necessarily agree with this, but I do understand your perspective. I am a music lover and my husband and I go to many concerts (at least 4 a month). I sing, I dance, and I do not pay any mind to those around me. I will say, though, it all depends on the music (if the tempo is slow, fast, upbeat, etc) and what venue you’re in. I know that most of the concerts we attend are all outside (aside from the winter months) and there are thousands of other people there doing the same thing. I wouldn’t be able to hear a private conversation going on at concert at my local venue if I tried because of the noise.
    While you paid to see the concert, so did the person that is talking (even if you don’t like it). I suppose you can shush away, although I don’t know how effective that is in a public setting. You’re less likely to get the person to be quiet than you are to anger them– but again, that’s just my opinion. Interesting perspective nonetheless!

    1. Unfortunately they didn’t necessarily paid..
      I am amazed that there are still venues and concerts out there without people talking. I mean at an open-air I get it but in a small venue during a quiet song I don’t understand it…
      Thx for your comment!

  4. I could totally understand the talking loudly part and see how that can get annoying while trying to listen to music, But I don’t agree with the pictures, If I was there listening to my favorite artist or seeing them in the flesh I would be taking tons of pictures to capture the moment and have for memories when i grow old. But I can see your point of view on it.

    1. I wasn’t talking about general pictures… I obviously do that too 🙂 I’ve seen people literally march in front of the singer and take a selfie.. The singer was baffled and I was too.

  5. I have so many thoughts on this subject! I think it really depends on the environment of the concert. I went to Phillip Phillips concert a few years ago at a theater. But most of his music is rock music that you’d think people would stand up and dance for (and that’s what I’m used to!) but that was not the case. People were sitting down most of the time until Phillip Phillips asked us to stand up and dance. Most people did but when the song was over they sat down. We didn’t and then we got told by a security guard to sit down. Seriously?? We’re at a concert. It was so weird. On a different note, that’s totally the kind of environment where if someone is talking during a performance or taking selfies I’d be pissed too because you’re really trying to enjoy the experience and you’re all in a very intimate setting. The artist would definitely hear or see that! Another theater concert I was at the artist was actually talking to people in the audience because it was so intimate. BUT if you’re at an outdoor concert like at an amphitheater I’d say whatever to people talking because there’s so much going on, it’s probably easier to ignore it or move. It’s a more relaxed setting where people are having fun and hanging out. If you were in the pit at a show like that though, you better not be chatting about your day and taking selfies. LOL SO MANY FEELINGS. I love concerts and I love the experience of listening to the music and not giving a care about anyone else. Concerts are about good vibes and bringing people together.

    1. I love your comment. I’m so “glad” people had similar experiences so I’m not crazy. This Steward should be fired. I cannot believe that he told you to sit down even though the artist told you to stand up..
      I totally agree. You should be enjoying yourself at a concert and not be annoyed about others! Sometimes that’s really hard to manage.
      Thanks so much for your comment and your share! Xx

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