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Party hard with Asher Roth

Asher Roth live is just like the Asher Roth I had imagined. I’m so happy that Just Because brought him to Mascotte last Friday. It was the perfect start to the weekend. To the peeps who weren’t there you deffo missed a party! πŸ™‚

Let’s start the party

At 8.20 Asher Roth came on stage. He didn’t need a support act warming up the crowd because we were ready. But let me tell you I really didn’t expect this. As soon as the first beats came blasting out Asher said hello to us. Not just a wave, no. He came down to us and shook everyone’s hands or fist pumped us. I loved it. So cool. He started with his first mix tape and some people already knew the songs but most of us were still a bit shy.

However one guy was already very drunk and kept shouting Asher I want your shoes! And poor him he had to tell him I’m sorry they are my only shoes! LOL someone else threw him other shoes on stage and it was quite a marry go round of shoes. Super funny and very spontaneous. The best!

Asleep in the bread aisle

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of asleep in the bread aisle is what got him here and it showed. Almost everyone knew the songs of the album and mega Uber party hit “I love college” was performed. Of course people went crazy for it. Another unexpected thing Asher Roth did is actually throwing us bread πŸ™‚ and it wasn’t just any bread it was “Tessinerbrot” πŸ˜€ Yummy! So I hope the people that caught it didn’t have any dinner and could eat the bread. It’s super funny if you see bread crumbs on the floor instead of confetti!! I was hoping he would sing/rap “She don’t wanna man” but oh well you can’t have everything. It’s a reason for Asher Roth to come back!

However Mascotte and Asher Roth rapped together “La Di Da”, “Gotta Get Up” and “Blunt Cruisin'” which concluded the Asleep in the Bread section.

The journey continues

After each song he would share the story behind it and if you know my blog you know I love that! He would tell us that he moved from one place to the next and obviously inspiration must have hit him. With the crowd getting more rowdy the atmosphere got even better. People danced, drank, rapped and enjoyed themselves. At one point Asher got the boys together and then he started crowdsurfing. It was so much fun to watch and I’m happy he picked the strong boys to carry him.

With “Party Girl” the college atmosphere was back. It was so much fun and I loved looking into the happy faces of everyone! Quite towards the end Asher split up the audience and we formed a “Crazy pit”. Everyone shouted “Do something crazy” with Asher (and me) sitting on the boxes watching. We had a few brave Swissies who did quite well. When no-one danced in the middle anymore Asher Roth walked into it and everyone hugged him and jumped up and down. A huge hugging mosh pit πŸ˜€

Saying Goodbye

After a bit more than an hour it was time to say goodbye. It felt like we partied for hours: Jumping up and down, singing, dancing, rapping, crowd surfing, laughing. With the words be patient and be kind Asher Roth said Goodbye and shook everyone’s hands again. We all were sweaty and happy and ready for the weekend. And of course Asher Roth came back out to meet his fans, talk, sign stuff and take pics.

Asher Roth is a super friendly cool talented rapper who knows what he’s doing. He’s in for the music and not for the money and that’s what I love about him, his music and his gigs. Everyone who went to his gig loved it and will be back! If you don’t know Asher Roth you gotta check him out right now πŸ™‚

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