Social Media Management

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Based on many years as a fan and blogger Kekoas Korner knows how to promote bands in a way that reaches the fans. Because let’s be honest you – as a fan – you know what you would love to see from your fav band. However, you as a band you might not have the time to answer every comment / message yourself or you just don’t have the time to worry about how your feed looks. This is where Kekoas Korner comes in. I am managing your social media account and your community in your best interest.

You are sending me the content and I will make sure the content reaches the fans. If fans have questions I don’t have the answer to I will make sure to check in with you on how to best answer the fans’ question.

The secret behind a successful social media channel is regular continous content and insights into the bands life. This is what brings them followers and listeners to their music. These days many people find a band through Instagram or TikTok just by liking a picture or a video. Suddenly you get a wide range of fans that discover you through just a picture and start following you because they found you on social media. The power of social media is endless.

During touring times it’s easy to produce content but more importantly is to continue the flow of the content during slower times. Making sure that this doesn’t happen to your band is my job. I will come up with witty posts and stories to keep your fans hooked.

If you are interested in my services please contact me directly.

Social Media profiles managed by Kekoas Korner:

Saint City Orchestra

Services for Saint City Orchestra:
2019: Gig promotion
2020: – Social Media Content Creation
– Social Media Consulting
– Regular Postings
  – Community Management

Talent Network

Talent Network is an association to support and grow newcomers

Services for Talent Network:
2021: – Social Media Management
– Community Management
– Marketing

Past Bands/Events promoted by Kekoas Korner:

Kids of Adelaide

Openair Wollishofen
Rock am Weier
Openair Malans

The New Roses

Openair Al’Lagh
Rock Oz’Arènes
Riverside Openair Aarburg