Amy MacDonald
Allgemein, Concerts

Amy MacDonalds closing gig of her shortest tour ever!

Amy MacDonald stopped in the Hall on her last night of her shortest tour ever – and we were grateful that she did. She brought her hits from 2007 and introduced us to new songs of her album The Human Demands.

Thanks to Gadget I got to see Amy MacDonald for the first time in concert. Yes, I know it’s clearly unbelievable how I haven’t seen her before. Especially because I loved her first songs and she always seems like a really funny and nice person. Her beautiful Scottish accents only adds to her charming personality. I’ve been saying this on my instagram and I am saying it again I could listen to her talking for hours! 🙂

Just before 9 o’clock Amy MacDonald took the stage with “We could be so much more” at the Hall (formally known as Samsung Hall). The seated audience stood up and it was a great atmosphere from the start. It still feels very special to be back at gigs – like normal – like before. And we Swiss are always special – we listen. It was so quiet when Amy MacDonald talked to the point where she was not sure if we understood her or not. But loads laughed so she knew we understood her lovely accent.

“The Hudson” was on just before her first big hit ” Mr. Rock N Roll”. What a song! I takes me back to my teens haha. Everyone stood up and sang and rocked along. “Dream On” literally made wander off and think about nice memories. “Automatic” and the title track from the new album “The Human Demands” were next. Poor her she mentioned that no-one was interested in the new album but I guess it was 2020 and the last two years have been just a blur for everyone.

Another of her hit songs was next “Don’t tell me that it’s over”. Amy MacDonald is such a talented singer but also an amazing guitarist. I enjoyed watching her do her thing and in-between she cracked jokes and understood how to entertain us. “Bridges”, “Slow it down” and “4th of July” was the next trio. I particularly enjoyed the latter. I don’t think I’ve heard the song before but I instantly was singing along which to me is always the best sign of a good song.

“Feed my fire” reminded me of Vance Joy’s cover of “Im on Fire” during his support on the Beautiful Trauma Tour. So very good memories were coming up again. Amy MacDonald then said that this was her shortest tour ever with only 4 concerts in total and this was her last night. So we can all be very grateful to her that she made it to Switzerland. Putting a tour together is a lot of work and to play it only 4 times is just a bit sad really but in all fairness I think we was happy to play and we were thankful to hear live music again!

“Run”, “Poison Prince” and “Statues” were next. Just before she left for the Encore Amy MacDonald played her biggest hit “This is the Life” and the Hall rocked! The song was over waaay to quickly! Such a tune! 🙂 The audience was super loud and we of course wanted her back on stage! “Never too late” brought out the lights on the phones of the audience. For the next song “Down by the water” it was time to put us to work. We were her choir with ” Down Down Down”. She closed her set with “Let’s start a band” and after 1 1/2 hours we left with a happy heart.

Amy MacDonald came to rock the Swiss audience in the Hall with her new songs and her classics! Gig 3 this year made me really happy and hopeful that we can enjoy many more gigs like that.