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Justin Timberlake's Party in the Woods

I’ve been looking forward to see Justin Timberlake again for months. I knew that the show would be one of the concert highlights this year. I didn’t want to see, read or hear anything about it and I was right to do it. The show blew me away!

Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl Half time show this year so I knew a tour was soon to be announced. Little did I know that it would already be in August this year that I get to see him again. Unfortunately due to the high ticket prices the show wasn’t sold out unlike in any other country so he only performed once in Zurich and enjoyed his free time golfing 🙂

But first things first. Justin Timberlake is smart. He wants the people to have a great time at his gig and he wants them to be in a party mood before he even comes on. So he’s got a DJ with him who’s warming up the crowd! I loved the song choices especially when Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of you” came on. Soooo many memories haha The party cooled down a little while his support Bazzi took the stage – a Justin-wannabe in the making… But hey, you kinda need a break before the big party starts right?! Because you don’t want to be pulling a hamstring while you go low low low low 😀

Let’s get this party started

I had this vision of Justin Timberlake’s show and I was sooo excited to see if I was right or not. To me “Filthy” was the best way to start the Man of the Woods tour and luckily Justin agreed 😀 The lights were out and the stage including some trees which was sneaking its way all across the Hallenstadion was dimly lit. It felt like you were in the woods. Then there was this white light and one by one the Tennessee Kids emerged until Justin Timberlake himself started with a bang which happened to be exactly how I imagined it! The dancing was on point and he and his dancers were making their way towards the back of the Hallenstadion on this awesome stage!

“Midnight Summer Jam” was next and I was hoping he would mix it up with “Let the groove get in” but he didn’t. But hey you can’t have everything 😀 Slowly people started to get antsy on their seats… It really was time to dance but I knew I had a mission so I waited. One of my usual concert buddies – a huge JT fan – couldn’t be there so she told me to record song No. 3. Notice how she didn’t tell me what song it was? She really knows me too well 😀 I was ready and so I happened to catch Justin’s cute tribute to Aretha Franklin who unfortunately died on that day. He started “LoveStoned” with a little “Respect” 🙂 I was super happy because it is also one of my fav songs. At the end he did this cool thing were his face is all blurry on the big curtain screens just like in the video!

Time to dance!

Mission accomplished. Time to dance! 1 beat was enough and I was up on my feet. Justin Timberlake brought “Sexy back” and a lot of people were dancing with me. I was so glad because honestly how can you stay seated?? It was already such a great atmosphere you don’t usually get until way at the end. What I loved about this show and Justin Timberlake he was literally everywhere and he was involving every person in the building. Up on the sides, down at the back (or was is the front? :D) and of course the standing area – everyone felt included. Then one of my fav tracks on the new record “Man of the Woods” came on and I was soaking it all in so I would remember when I would listen it in my car. That Justin really IS a southern man we got to experience a little bit later in the show.
2018-08-16 21.46.59
It was super hot and I already felt really warm so it was nice to quickly chill for “Higher Higher” until the keyboard popped up and Justin addressed us.

Are you ready to dance? So I need everybody to stand up!

And the WHOLE Hallenstadion stood up from song 7 until the end! Tell me when was the last time that happened? We were dancing to “Señorita” until Justin Timberlake said:

So I want to try this with you. The guys sing with me:
“It feels like something’s heating up, can I leave with you?”
and the ladies sing:
“I don’t know what I’m thinking bout, really leaving with you”

And yes, there were some guys who actually helped him sing the guys’ part 😀 You just have to love concerts where you know every song and can sing a long to. Within two weeks I got to enjoy Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake and both shows were completely different both were so amazing at the same time. I can’t tell you how lucky I am that I got to make this incredible memories.
2018-08-16 22.15.25
From “Señorita” to “Suit & Tie” Justin quickly changed into a suit jacket where showed off his dancing skills during a little laser show. It was impressive!! The keyboard was replaced by that same buttons pad you see at the beginning of the “Say Something” video.  I was already excited to hear this awesome tune but Justin Timberlake wanted to play a little. So he put on some parts of his newest song “Soulmate” until he pressed some buttons which turned into “My Love” – my least favourite song haha

Let’s make it rain

The pad thingy stood on top of the main stage behind the musicians and from there the fog started to roll in. From the rows up top the stage looked like it was shooting lightnings down the front. This show looked different from every angle and you felt like you were part of it. Justin Timberlake started the first beats of “Cry me a River” and the curtain screens turned into falling rain. You didn’t know where to look! This didn’t change when Justin stood on the middle stage with the curtain screen above him showing his reflection about 20 times! And yes, obviously the song was called “Mirrors”. It hit me like a deja vu. This was the last song on the 20/20 experience!! Like in 2014 the whole Hallenstadion was on their feet singing and clapping to the song. It gave me goose-bumps!
I am sooo glad Justin Timberlake left “Drink You Away” in the set. It was one of my fav moments on the last tour and this time he made everyone lift a glass for the incredible soul diva that Aretha Franklin was – because that’s what you do in the South. Again a nice little tribute to her. Unfortunately not a lot of people know “Drink you Away” but it didn’t keep me from fully enjoying it! After this song it went dark and it looked like a little break because they had to fire up the bonfire! 😀

Campfire atmosphere with 13k people

Justin Timberlake took his guitar and his musician friends from the Tennessee Kids band and sat around a little fire on the 3rd stage surrounded by trees and grass. The curtain screens showed a moon and we were literally transferred into the woods even more. He asked us to put our phone lights up for “Until the end of time” and this turned the Hallenstadion into a flood of lights. WOW – just beautiful. It was the let the Tennessee Kids including the backing singers Zenya, Nicole and Cowboy Jack with covers from amazing musicians. First up was Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and a beautiful rendition of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” and my favourite cover by John Denver “Thank God I am a country boy”. Cowboy Jack has an amazing voice and it is crazy to think he’s only singing in the back ground!
2018-08-16 22.25.01-1
The very cool campfire section ended with “Morning Light”. Justin Timberlake surprised me by singing the very old “What Goes Around… Comes Around”. It’s been one of my motto’s before he sang that song and it got even a bigger meaning when he sang it. I was sooo happy! He performed it on the middle stage right where my friends from Loads of Music stood. I was screaming for them when he got close to them and even wished one of their friends Happy Birthday! How cool is that?! His show might be super planned down to the minute but Justin Timberlake’s still got time for a little spontaneous gesture 😉

The end came closer with every song

FINALLY the first chords of “Say Something” resonated through the Hallenstadion and I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I was overjoyed! Thanks to the song being in the radios a lot the audience also knew the song. However this was the first time I got really disappointed. My vision of the show was that Chris Stapleton would show up on the curtain screens and sing his part. He didn’t in fact the 2nd verse was completely left out. I was so sad for a 2nd and really mad haha I couldn’t believe he just cut out Chris Stapleton. How dare he? 😀 And since I’m already complaining I might add that the sound was really bad at some points. The sound check should have been done a bit better. But hey let’s focus on the good things again 😀
2018-08-16 22.37.31
Another song “Montana” to sway from side to side and catch your breath while I was back dancing for “Summer Love”. Those old songs just bring back so many memories. I love gigs where you know every song and connect them with special memories. For “Rock Your Body” the Hallenstadion was turned into a dance floor. The screen curtains were turned into the same colours as in the video clip. And suddenly a proper dance floor with square lights showed up in front of the middle stage down in the party pit! How cool?! Justin Timberlake was actually dancing in the middle of his fans 🙂
I told Shirley of Loads of Music before that I will be thinking of her when Justin Timberlake’s gonna before “Supplies” because she totally “ruined” the song for me. All I hear now is EI EI EI which in German means Egg… I cannot stop laughing during the song. It will hold a special place in my heart 😀 From super new to super old. JT’s first solo single “Like I love you” was performed on the 3rd stage with the exact same moves he did in the clip. Me in the little space I got remembered almost every move and tried to dance like JT 😀 Oh well, I tried 😀
After two hours I knew the end was near and with Dance Dance Dance aka “Can’t stop the Feeling!” the show ended but not before you saw the whole venue dance and sing and clap. It was an incredible feeling seeing everyone having a great time enjoying themselves. I can only imagine how this must feel for the artist. I loved the end of the show! I couldn’t have wished for a better one. First the Tennessee Kids left the stage and only Justin Timberlake was left to sing the last chorus with us. We were sent into the night with:

Thank you! Ich liebe euch! Good Night!

Even a few days after gig everything is still vivid and I wished I could have seen it another time to find out other things about this incredible show.
So it’s your turn! What did you find out? What made the show so special for you?? 🙂

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Tobey Lucas brings the Nashville Spirit to Switzerland

Tobey Lucas is a Swiss musician and has been around for quite sometime. Kekoas Korner’s Country Music Week gave me the opportunity to interview him. I’ve met him in his studio full of instruments. So let’s start:
You’ve played at Moon and Stars and the Seebad Enge – these venues are quite special. So what would be your favourite or most special venue you played or want to play in?
Tobey Lucas: Already played in is Seebad Enge. It was wonderful and very magical. It was one of the first hot summer days in May. It was packed. In fact there were so many people on that raft that it nearly sank. It was awesome. The sunset was wonderful. It was the perfect concert. Another nice one was Jazz Festival Montreux 2015 where we also played on a stage outside called „Music in the Park“. The atmosphere was kinda similar and absolutely beautiful. We also performed with the biggest „Tobey Lucas“ band ever. 7 people normally we play with 4 or 5. Just awesome.
A venue I’d like to play in. Once I went to see John Mayer in Los Angeles in the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Today Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre) and that’s a venue I’d like to play in. It’s a big dream of mine it will probably never happen though. Or maybe generally to play in an Amphitheatre.

User:Lhegner :

I’ve just seen P!nk in an amphitheatre-like venue in Berlin called Waldbühne.
I don’t know it but I’m in! 🙂
Country Music is not very big in Switzerland. How come you started to play Country Music?
Well, I don’t really play traditional Country. Especially my new album will be really rocky but it has certain elements of country music and american music. It sounds very american. But it’s not about that actually. I commemorate the Nashville style so it’s not particularly Country like Johnny Cash. The „Nashville Spirit“ that what I like. It’s basically just about playing music – spontineously. So in a bar or club the musicians gather around and play together. Maybe they played together before or maybe they didn’t. What they all share is the love for music and they’re completely devoted to music. That’s the Nashville style. There are no DJ’s there because they don’t need it. Everyone carries a guitar and you play the famous songs by yourself so you don’t have to listen to a record. This is something that I commemorate and that I want to bring to Switzerland and that’s what my music is about: To play songs with a band. No electronic instruments just handmade music. That’s what makes it country or rocky but my range is very broad.
Which artists were/are your musical influences?
Quite a few. Eagles influenced my a lot. I adore them and I listened to them when I was a child. Aerosmith inspired me. It’s the attitude that I like – it’s incredibly infectious. Ryan Adams inspired me a lot too. I have a few songs of his in my repertoire which I turned into my own versions. I also like to listen to Metal or the 80’s music. It’s a mix. When you listen to my music especially the new record then you really hear the different influences.
So we’re really excited to hear the new stuff! When is it coming out?
I will release a single in Mid-October. The album will be release next year. I am taking my time with it. There might be another single coming before the album.

Tobey Lucas

As you’ve heard Kekoas Korner is in a Country Music Week right now, who is most favourite country music artist at the moment?
I love to listen to Lindsay Ell at the moment.
Oh wow. I’ve seen her as a support act a few years ago! Lovely person.
I also really like Chris Stapleton and Eric Church. They are my three favourites. Lindsay Ell is the most recent one but the other two are also important for me.
Last question: I don’t know if it’s already happened but what needs to happen for you that you would say „Yup, I made it with my music!“?
Quite difficult. I think I already made it. The most important thing that you can reach is freedom and I am free. I can play the music that I want, I can play the concerts that I want, I can write the song the way I want it and I don’t have to adapt to anyone. I haven’t signed anything and I’m completely free and that’s the way it always will be. That’s the Nashville Spirit. I’ve reached a place where I wanted to be and I am happy but it’s a journey. Life is always a journey and music too. I’m excited for the new release of the single and the album next year where it will take me and what concerts I will play. Concerts are most important to me. The other things are not that important to me so when I can play good concerts I’m stoked.
Sounds brilliant. That was it. Thank you for the interview!
Unfortunately I somehow managed to have never seen him live which is a big regret of mine. I always see the concert dates and it never suits my busy concert schedule. But let me tell you guys this needs to change! After this amazing interview and the way he talks about concerts I will deffo make sure to see him live next year. Stay tuned to Kekoas Korner or follow Tobey Lucas’ music journey to get all the updates!
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Get his old records on!


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Wonderboy Chris took the Country world by storm

Chris Stapleton has been writing songs for other people for years. Did you know that Adele’s “If it hadn’t been for love?” was written by Chris? I bet you didn’t, neither did I until now. Lucky for us he decided in 2015 to release a solo album called “Traveller” and finally step into the limelight. What a wonderful decision and it proved to be a huge success. In the same year he won 3 CMA awards and gave an amazing performance of “Tennessee Whiskey” together with Justin Timberlake.

This album has been in my car ever since I bought the record two years ago. This year he released his highly anticipated 2nd album “From A room: Volume 1” and let me tell you a bit about it. It has 7 wonderful songs and is just like a masterpiece as the first album.
The 2nd single “Broken Halos” is an incredible song – the guitar, his voice in harmony with his wife’s is just pure bliss. If you are a fan of harmonicas and slow songs then you’ll love “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning”. If you’re more into country rock “Second One To Know” is your go to song. The E-Guitar solo is brill and it has a super catchy rhythm.
With “Up To Know Good Livin'” we’re headed into the Bluegrass direction. Which is another fantastic genre which is well underrated. This song is so country let me recite some lyrics:

I used to drink like a fish and run like a dog
Done a whole lotta shit not permitted by law
People call me the Picasso of painting the town
And I’ve finally grown up

His first single “Either Way” starts with only guitar chords and then his incredible voice sets in. The simplicity of this song and the intensity will give you goose-bumps. The chorus is so emotional you have to feel it! “I was Wrong” lifts the mood again with a chill sound if you don’t listen to the lyrics. (He tries to win  his babe back). I adore the cool sound of the next song called “Without your Love”. It is one hell of a break-up song with beautiful lyrics.

Tears filled with pain and they fall like rain
Constant reminders every day

If you are ready to party country style then you gotta listen to “Them Stem”! I can literally picture this diner with trucks outside and the cowboys drinking beer inside. The last song of the record has a pretty dark name “Death Row” and it’s about someone who’s on death row. Pretty rough subject to sing about and this is why the song is kept pretty muted. I am not quite sure how I feel about this song since I’m not sure if anyone should be singing about this subject. I mean musically it’s another brilliant song but you see I struggle with the theme of it.
So this was From A Room: Volume 1. This title suggests that there will be a Vol.2 and let me tell you guys I cannot wait to listen to that! Keep following my blog and my social media accounts and I will let you know as soon as it’s out!
Sounds good? Get a copy of the record via or Apple Music and leave a comment below why you like Chris Stapleton as much as me!