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Drake Milligan – the Elvis of our Generation

Drake Milligan brought some old school Country Music to Switzerland. Not only did we enjoy his set but I think him and his band did too. A small town boy turned into an Elvis-like musician who made it to Zurich – what a Story to tell!

Drake and his band of 5 took the stage and you could feel they came to play! Right away Drake wrapped his female fans around his little finger with his sexy winks and the intense eye contact. But no, Drake is not just good looks and charming – he is an incredibly talented musician.

From Country to Bluegrass – Drake Milligan can do it all. “Tipping Point” and “Over drinking, under thinking” were got us dancing and singing. Not just the ladies in the crowd loved him. I saw many men bopping their heads and clapping. Speaking of heads… it wouldn’t be a country gig without some cowboy hats! As you probably know I loove cowboy boots and have been wearing them for years. So of course I wore my newest addition from Boot Barn in Vegas 😀

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After just a few songs I was sold. Drake Milligan is super funny and the band has great chemistry on stage. They know exactly what the other one does and can react accordingly. It was so much fun to see them play.
A highlight for me was the song “Hating everything she tries on” because sometimes that’s just how we women feel and yes the bedroom looks exactly like he describes it:

Hatin’ everything she tries on

But I don’t know what for

Two dresses on the bed

Three more in the floor

She keeps saying, “I’m sorry it’s taking so long”

She don’t know I’m loving watching her

Hatin’ everything she tries on

Drake Milligan also paid tribute to Buck Owens – Bluegrass Legend with the song “Buck’Em”. And then suddenly he said someone yelled “Cowgirl for Christmas” and he probably wouldn’t be back before Christmas to sing this song… so he just played it! You know I cannot get enough of Christmas so that was right up my alley. The lights were green and red and we could sway to a lovely X-Mas song in March 😀

During “Goin’ Down Swingin” the band and Drake got closer together and did a little Grand Ol’ Opry style version of the song. You really have to appreciate the amazing band: Kelly, Adam, Clay, Ryan, Lucas you guys ROCK!

Drake Milligan

On we went with the set and with every song I enjoyed Drake and his band more. He also covered “Pretty Woman” which I enjoyed a lot. They didn’t stop for one minute – it was a funny energetic musically brilliant show and with loud claps and shouts of we want more and whistles they left the stage. The lights came on, the security started to move us away but the audience kept on clapping and shouting! I was so surprised that this audience could be so loud and persistent.

The crowd couldn’t get enough of Drake Milligan and apparently neither could he. The band came back and they played a special encore of covers including a little “Twist and Shout”. He then said he’ll be taking pictures with everyone after the show and what felt like 30 seconds later he was standing by the merch stand. What a wholesome night and I cannot wait for my next country gig with Darius Rucker in April!

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