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Patrick Droney on songwriting and the magic of live music

Singer songwriter Patrick Droney moved to Nashville 5 years ago. The influence of the bustling music city and the mekka of songwriting can be heard in his new single “State of the Heart” which will be released this Friday, 26th March. The single is the second song from his album which is set to come out in June. Kekoas Korner was able to talk to him just ahead of the release.

We talked about how much we miss live music and Patrick gave us Nashville sight-seeing advice so I am sure you’ll enjoy our 10min talk which you can watch here:

Patrick Droney’s bucket list venues are also on mine! Slane Castle is a huge estate in Ireland which hosted many great live shows already such as Metallica or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Situated in the middle of a 1,500 acre estate in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Slane Castle is the perfect venue for big outdoor gigs

Red Rocks of course. If you’ve been following my blog you heard a few artists already mentioning this amazing venue. The amphitheatre is located in Colorado and has been the home of many great nights of big artists such as The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Colorado’s very own OneRepublic.

If you’ve enjoyed this interview make sure you follow him on his social media and check out tomorrow’s release “State of the Heart”!

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My thoughts on 2020

It’s October 2020 and I was planning to beat my number of concerts from last year. I thought I would finally see Onerepublic again. I figured I’d see one or two (or maybe more – you never know :D) The Script shows. Maybe go to a few festivals and then follow Saint City Orchestra (the band im promoting) around for their tour in late autumn.

Oh how it all changed…

On February 27th I visited my (and their) last big concert at Hallenstadion. Deichkind – a german band who I’ve been following on and off since my childhood but never seen live. I am honestly soooo glad I went to that last gig. The big C word was already in everyone’s mind but no restrictions yet. However, I already noticed people coming in late. But let me tell you it was a party – a proper party!
The day after the government announced decisions that would change our life.

I immediately got texts saying „OMG what are you doing now? Are you missing gigs?“.

To be honest with you I enjoyed the time out without any concerts. I finally got to relax. As restrictions eased I finally got to spend after work drinks at the lake. I was able to be spontaneous and just say „Hey let’s have dinner tonight“ whereas before I was fully booked for the whole week.

In September Saint City Orchestra was able to play a live show in a venue called Presswerk. It was so special. Hearing the audience sing-a-long to the songs gave me goosebumps. You could tell that the crowd missed live shows since they wouldn’t stop singing and asked for more than one encore.

Of course it was totally different to February 27th: Masks and space between groups of people. But do you know what? EVERYONE had a good time!

I think thanks to this concert break I will enjoy the coming concerts so much more and appreciate the ones I saw. I will forever cherish the last summer travelling through Germany for Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour or our crazy moments heading to London for two days to see The Script in the Royal Albert Hall.
Especially these memories are why live concerts are just so incredible and why I can’t stop going to gigs.

These last few months have been incredibly difficult for everyone in the live entertainment business. No, I’m not talking about the big name artists. I am talking about venues, organisers, road crews, smaller musicians etc. They’ve all lost their livelihood from one day to the next and let me tell you the struggle is still very real now. Crowdfundings and a gig here and there won’t keep the majority afloat.

So while I understand the importance of restrictions I fail to understand why a whole industry is left in the dark what the future might bring. I already see little venues closing which would normally support local live music and bring joy and art to the people. It is scary.

It’s been 6 months and I hope that we get to enjoy gigs again soon. Not because I miss it (which is true of course) but because all these people need their jobs back.

So I am sure that we get to make new memories soon which might be a bit different from before but hey who cares?! J Live music is live music and I can see a person’s emotion even with a face mask on.

P.S: I actually can’t believe we actually got to see concerts this year. Someone posted a picture from the Lewis Capaldi gig and I couldn’t believe it was in 2020! Then I realise I’ve seen Brett Eldredge (LOOOVE), Silbermond, Lewis Capaldi (HAHA), Aloe Blacc (my boy), Slipknot (God, Corey Taylor is hot), Jonas Brothers (I’m too old for this!), Lennon Stella (Where are my Nashie’s at?!), Wrabel (Ahh the memories of last year are flooding back) and as I mentioned Deichkind. Wow…

I’d like to finish this with a song lyric by Maroon 5:

Here’s to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not
‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
Of everything we’ve been through
Toast to the ones here today
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you

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JPson's breezy Hope for Change

Kekoaskorner met JP a few months ago as the tour manager of Sons of the East. Who knew tour managers could be so talented?
The South African released his newest single “Hope for Change” a few weeks ago. It’s a very cool light song which will make you feel sea breeze in your hair. I love the drums in the back ground. It adds to that certain lightness of this folky song. I can imagine JPson sitting on the beach with his friends playing this kind of music. I love when music can transport images and JPson’s music does this pretty well. But have a listen yourself: “Hope for Change“.
So what did you see when you listened to the song? Comment below! 🙂 Of course JPson got more music. They’re all very folky and have this certain beachy light feeling. I also found out that he’s done quite a lovely music video to “Open Up”. But be your own judge and have a look:

Telling you about music and listening/watching music is one thing but the best way to experience music is live. Lucky us JPson is on tour in Switzerland next year! Here are the dates:
08.02.2019 Hard Rock Hotel | Davos – CH
09.02.2019 Newgoggeien | Flumserburg – CH
13.02.2019 Kosmos | Zurich- CH
14.02.2019 Grand Café  | Zug – CH
15.02.2019 Madeleine | Luzern – CH
16.02.2019 Nangijala | Disentis – CH 
Will I be seeing you on one of those dates?
Let me know what you think of JPson’s Hope for Change in the below comment section:

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1 evening, 2 concerts: Snow Patrol and Travis

Thanks to my Irish luck I was a very busy woman on Wednesday! First I won two tix to see Snow Patrol at the Energy Live session at Kaufleuten and then I won 2 tix to see Travis at the opening night of the Unique Moments Festival at Landesmuseum. So I had to try and watch both gigs and it kinda worked out 🙂
2018-06-06 21.31.05
With a very unfortunate 10 min delay Snow Patrol took the stage at 8.40 in a very hot Kaufleuten. First they sang “Chocolate”, “You’re all I have” and “Crack the shutters”. I’ve never seen them live and being in a small venue helps to properly watch them. The 4 lads are so passionate and love their music. Plus they are very humble and funny! Apparently there’s a club in Belfast that looks exactly like Kaufleuten so Gary Lightbody said:
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