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Nathan Evans the guy behind the sea shanty success Wellerman

Kekoas Korner is super stocked that I got the chance to interview Nathan Evans. His song “Wellerman” is currently at No. 10 in the Swiss charts and I’m sure it’s still going to rise. So are you ready to find out the funniest thing that happened to Nathan back when he was still a mail man? So let’s dive right into the interview:

How did you find the „Wellerman“ song and what made you cover it?

I’ve been doing Tik Tok videos since last January covering  different songs. In July someone left a comment underneath one of my videos saying «I think you’d be really good at this song and I think you should try it. It’s a sea shanty called «Leave her Johnny». Could you try that song?»
So I went away and I’ve done some research and I thought that’s quite good. So did it and I uploaded it. The comments under that one were like «Oh My God, that’s amazing!», «Could you do the Drunken Sailor?», «Could you do the Wellerman?». Just basically all those sea shanties.
In December I got around to do the Wellerman.

And then it took off! 🙂

Yes, that’s it! 🙂

You probably heard your song on the radio right?


How did you feel when you heard Wellerman on the radio for the first time?

Probably the first time I heard it on the radio was at the start of January. It was insane! To hear myself on the radio is crazy. And ever since then it keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Wellerman is a sea shanty but generally what are your musical influences?

I’ve been singing since I was 6 and I’ve been playing guitar since I was 8. So it’s been a big part of my life forever. But now who influences me are Dermot Kennedy, Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi. They’re like the main three front runners for influences but back when I was growing up there was Elvis, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. It’s quite a large group of people who can influence me.

Can we expect your own songs after Wellerman?

Possibly! I’m hoping to let everyone see that I don’t just do sea shanties. I can do other stuff as well. I want to let people see that I can do loads of different music. That’s the plan.

Zoom call with Nathan Evans

 So you’re writing your own music? What’s your writing process?

It depends. Sometimes I am sitting on my computer playing or I’ll be out doing something and some words come to mind. So I grab my phone… My phone is absolutely stacked with once sentences. 🙂 Other times a melody will come to me so I just sing it in my phone in voice notes.
I also actually sit down and say I’m gonna write a song. It just depends on where the mood takes me that day.

I’m sure were a few crazy things that happened the last few weeks but what was the craziest?

Going to No 1 on Capital Radio’s big top 40 was insane! Sitting at No 2 still on the official charts. And probably Brian May mentioning me. That was one of the highlights. That’s insane!!

Yes, I saw that on Tik Tok today!

Yeah, incredible.

In Switzerland you’re No 10 this week! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?!

Just incredible. *Smiles and shakes his head in disbelief*

I’m sure this overnight success is quite incredible as you just said. How did your family and friends and wife react?

They’re all so happy for me. They look forward to what’s to come next. Everyday they’re texting me wondering what I’m up to and want to see what’s to come. They are just so happy! It’s good because they’re all very supportive.

That’s great! Are they concerned as well for example that they won’t see you any more?

Noooo. They’re all the same. I think everybody is used to not seeing me now because of the Corona virus and being stuck in the house. If need be I will give them a Zoom call.
They’re just all very excited and happy.
It’s good because they’ve obviously seen that this has been a big part of my life for while now. It’s been something I wanted to do and now it’s happening.

You just mentioned the corona virus which is making touring impossible. But we all hope in 2022 or later this year there will be some live music again. Do you plan to tour Europe or the world then?

Possibly. I would like to imagine it. That would be absolutely amazing. We never know. It might come still but wait and see what happens.

Note by Kekoas Korner: His first 4 live gigs in Dublin, Manchester, London and Glasgow for later this year are going on sale 19th Feb!

Are there any live streams planned?

Possibly. Obviously Tik Tok has been a big place for me. I used to go live on there. It’s not a far fetched idea to think I could do a live stream. So yes, that’s a possibility.

I’m sure all the fans would love to see it! I’ve seen a few myself and yes it’s not the same as live concerts but at least it’s something.

It’s as close as we can get! 🙂

Yes! So when you’re touring or maybe even later down the road what would be your favourite or most special venue you’d like to play in?

One day the biggest and most ambitious has got to be Wembley. That is like the number one spot for me. If I ever manage to get to play that, that would be outstanding.

And what would you say needs to happen that you can say you’ve made it with your music? Is that already the case or at what point would you say that?

Once I released a song that I’ve written and I’ve done everything myself and that everbody loves the same way they love the Wellerman. That would be the moment for me that I’m like right OK people like this and I’ve made it. Until that happens I’ll just sit with my fingers and toes crossed hoping that will happen.

Well hopefully in two to three months! *Crossing my fingers*
The interview was quite last minute so I didn’t have a lot of time to ask my follower on Instagram to send me some fan questions. But here are a few:

Do you watch football and what team do you support?

Yes I watch football. I like to keep up to date with all things football. I watch the Scottish leagues, the English Leagues, Europa league, Champions league when they’re on. So I love football.
I do support a team. It’s a local Glasgow team.

Support your local, right?! 🙂

Yes, that’s it 🙂

What was the funniest thing that happened to you when you were a mail man?

Nathan tells us his funniest story as a mail man

What’s your favourite food?

Probably a rare steak and chips. Nice and simple nothing too fancy 🙂

What about desserts?

I’m not big for desserts. I’m quite fussy. Just a plain chocolate bar that’s probably my favourite.

So you should definitely come to Switzerland! 🙂

Yes, exactly! 🙂

Will you be continuing doing tik tok videos?

Definitely! The base fans and loads of support came from there. I’m not gonna stop. It’s where I started and it would be unfair to them if I just stopped.

Do you have anything else you’d like to say to your Swiss fans?

Just thank you for your support! It’s incredible that the song is doing so well. I’m super grateful for everybody who’s been listening to the song and been streaming it and shown so much so support.

Thank you Nathan for the interview! I’m hoping to see you live soon!

Can’t get enough of Nathan?

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Lockdown Artist Discovery: Nathan Evans

Creativity, togetherness and music are not dead even during lockdown. So a group of Swiss Music Bloggers got together and decided to create a series that showcases new up and coming artists. Every Sunday at 6pm you get to discover 2 new artists and here’s is one of mine:

Nathan Evans – From postman to popstar

Nathan Evans

That’s the story of Nathan Evans. Only a few weeks ago the citizens of Airdire, Scotland were blessed with a singing postman delivering their mail everyday. But these days the world is small thanks to social media. Nathan uploaded a tik tok video of himself singing a very old sea shanty called “Wellerman” – and the rest is history as they say.

The 30 sec “Wellerman” video went viral and was watched by 12 million people on tik tok. Nathan Evans drums on his guitar to create a beat and his incredible voice with the very charming accent does the rest. Loads of other tik tokers started to duet with him. It literally took off like a rocket! Of course this couldn’t go unnoticed by the big music labels and here you go – Nathan is now a signed artist at a major label Polydor Records and is now in the midst of Billie Eilish or Selena Gomez.
Have a look at this cool compilation YouTube video:

“Wellerman” – the background

The 26 year old has obviously hit a nerve with the sea shanty that orgininated in New Zealand. The “Wellerman” was a supply ship between 1830 to 1840 that was part of the whale hunting company “The Weller Bros.” The whale hunting origin of the song can be seen in the word “tonguin” which describes the tiresome work of cutting a whale into pieces. A bit gruesome I know but the song is about longing and hoping – which to be fair we all do at the moment.

“Wellerman 2021”

The hopeful longing for the arrival of the Wellerman and for us right now the hopeful longing of a normal world. Is that why the this song hit a nerve? I don’t know. But what I know is that the song is an inspiration: Hard work and the pay off will come. So we just have to wait a little while longer. For Nathan the hard work has definitely paid off.
I honestly cannot wait for him to be able to perform this song live. I can feel the goosebumps already of thousands of people singing our lockdown tik tok anthem.

The original Tik Tok video is great but of course it needed a little make over to be played in clubs – haha I know there are no clubs at the moment, but there will be. “Wellerman 2021” has great dance beat and didn’t loose it shanty character! I am currently listening to both songs on replay.
And yes – I’m so proud to say that the radios are starting to play the song as well! 🙂 Kekoas Korner is also super stocked that I got to interview Nathan Evans! Read more here.

Nathan Evans has a brilliant unique voice and I can’t wait to hear more songs! But what I love most is his story from postman to popstar within a few weeks thanks to tik tok. I wish him all the success in the world and hopefully we’ll get to see him live soon!

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