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Seven: 4 colours, 2 hours, 8 musicians

Many of my international readers probably won’t know Seven. He’s a Swiss musician and he’s been around for quite some time. I’ve seen him last summer at the Gurtenfestival and Seven and his band shared a very special moment with us. He asked us to close our eyes and listen to “Help”.
With “Help” Seven and his 7 musicians started their set at the sold out Kaufleuten last night. A very brave move to start with a slow song. Unfortunately in this venue most of the people are not there to actually listen to the lyrics. They are there because it’s the place to be so they are chatting throughout the gig. So disrespectful! Now let me introduce you to Seven’s show concept. His newest album is called 4 colours and it supports the various songs on the album and gives a bit of structure to it.
First he started with blue and after “Help” we got hear “Thank you Pain” and “Lisa”. The colour changed to yellow and the tempo of the songs got faster. A little summer thunderstorm started to break out in Kaufleuten and they performed “I can’t wait for the rain”. Another warm song “City of Gold” got us dancing and singing. Then Seven spoke about his incredible year he had last year after he was invited to join the programme “Sing meinen Song” (Sing my song). It’s a German programme where around 7 musicians participate. They meet up and sing each others songs and the outcome are beautiful new songs of classics.

So Seven sings Xavier Naidoo‘s version of his song “Go Slow” which like he said is sing sing my song song. Absolutely hilarious! Seven is an entertainer and shared private stories as well as jokes which I really really loved. And of course this concept goes both ways so he sang one of Xavier’s song and my favourite “Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen”. So different but so cool! πŸ™‚ It was time to change the colours again…
Time for Red. During “Trick” I stood up again and danced away. Luckily I had enough space and I really enjoyed this moment. This next song “Black Pearl” he sang for his wife. They are sharing two kids and Seven said how humbling it is to come back to a normal life after a gig like this. His son won’t ask him how the gig was but he will ask

Papi, Lego?

Again the whole Kaufleuten was laughing. Finally he sang his first single and my favourite. But of course Seven being Seven he didn’t perform it the way it was. Him and his super talented band mates turned it into a complete new song. A song that I even like more than the old version! Again you have to be really brave to do that or maybe as talented as they are to pull that off.
Another interlude and a colour change followed. Time for Purple. Time to dance. Time for funk. “Africa”, “1978”, “Brave” and “Partytown” turned Kaufleuten into a disco party. More and more people stood up and the people downstairs were already dancing. A quick walk through the crowd and high five’s to everyone on the way to the stage was also part of the set. Seven knows how to feel everyone welcome and to entertain big or small crowds. He is a an incredible musician and so talented. I am repeating myself but it’s true. He deserves all the praise he gets and I wish that he and his band can continue to do what they love. The passion, the love for music is palpable and this transfers onto the audience. Concerts like these are the best!
After a quick party set Seven did something I have never seen at Kaufleuten. He was able to shut up the chit chatters with “What if”. A beautiful moment. With “High” the band finished a brilliant two hour set. It was time to go home and play lego. πŸ™‚
Have you seen Seven live? Please share your experience with us and leave a reply below.

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Artists2watch: Tom Grennan & Jake Isaac

Just Because is bringing two amazing artists to Zurich in December and you can still get tix for both shows. Both musicians are born in England and very talented. In any case if you love amazing music from artists who will make it big one day but are at the start it is well worth to check out other shows of Just Because. They have a talented in booking brill musicians like Jacob Banks or Angus & Julia Stone.

Tom Grennan

Let’s start with Tom Grennan. He made it onto the BBC sound of 17 list which is a huge indicator that he will make it big soon. Previous nominees are Ellie Goulding, Adele, Hurts and the list goes on and on. Tom Grennan already had a hit as the voice of Chase and Status’s song “When it all goes wrong” which was named as the hottest record by Annie Mac. Before that he was busking on the streets of London and now he is working with the producer of Florence & the Machines for his debut record. All of this sounds super promising but as you know I can only judge someone after seeing him live.
Tom Grennan plays the Papiersaal on Dec, 17th and tickets are available on starticket. But of course YouTube allows us to check his music out before the show and boy he sounds really really good and I totally understand why he made the sound of 17 list. But have a listen for yourself:

His voice is amazing, innit? πŸ˜‰ Tom Grennan has a nice raspy voice and seems very down to earth. And like I already mentioned I think he is a super talented singer songwriter and I am very much looking forward to see him in December.

Jake Isaac

Jake Isaac is playing the Papiersaal on Dec, 10th and tickets are also available on starticket. He’s played Glastonbury and supported Ella Eyre and Paloma Faith. To me that shows he must be very good and it is well worth to spend a few quids on a ticket to his gig. After a few EP’s Jake Isaac released his debut record this May called “Our Lives” and he was signed to a record label called Rocket Records which is owned by the legendary Elton John. But enough about his background, let’s listen to some music:

Jake has a very warm deep voice and I know that I will be clapping my hands a lot. He’s just got that rhythm and soul that I love and he really does remind me a bit of Jacob Banks. Since he has already been on tour I’m expecting a good show and lots of good music.
Sometimes it’s the smaller shows that will be in your mind for quite a long time. Do you know why? Because the musician can actually see the people and even a small conversation can arise. JP Cooper or The Coronas are good examples for that. So if you decide to go to these gigs please let me know and say hi. I’d love to get to know my reader’s opinion πŸ™‚

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New Music: Shania Twain is back NOW

Everyone knows Shania Twain. She’s the Taylor Swift of her time. Shania started off in Country Music but has since then moved to Pop/Rock tunes which probably helped to become one of the best-selling music artists of all time. It’s been quiet around Shania Twain for a few good years and her last album dates back to 2002. So 2017 is a good year for all the Twain fans out there because finally she found her voice again and brought out “Now“.
I don’t have to introduce her so let’s get right on to her new album “NOW”. The first single is called “Life’s About To Get Good”. I love the song and its message so please listen to the lyrics. For those of you who don’t know Shania lost her voice a few years back and with specialists help she luckily got it back which you can hear on “NOW”. So this single is exactly about her journey and that’s why it’s perfect as a first release. Listen for yourself.

She has such a special voice which you immediately connect to. I also thing it was made to sing country! That little twist she got gives every song that special touch. On her 16 song album she has a lovely mix of up-tempo and slow songs. You can also hear the country music influence in a few songs. I will point out a few of my highlights of the record.
“Roll Me On the River” is a powerful intense song. In the back ground you can hear the choir. At the moment I love this kinda music. It reminds me a bit of “Chainsmoking” by Jacob Banks. Since this is my favourite on the record I will show you the YouTube video and you can listen to this amazing track yourself.

“Swinging with my Eyes closed” and “You Can’t Buy Love” is a fun song and makes you dance and just enjoy the moment. If you feel down listen to this positive song and let me show you the perfect lyrics from “You Can’t Buy Love”:

When life gives you lemons
They pour down from the heavens
This is what you’ve got to do
Make some lemonade
Drink it in the shade
Don’t let a bad day get to you

Great and so true, isn’t?! Now to the more somber songs. “Soldier” is just beautiful. Her voice and the lyrics and the piano. Just perfect. “Home Now” fits perfectly into the country genre and has a very catchy chorus. I’d love to listen to “Light of my Life” in an acoustic version just with her and guitarist on a round stage in the middle of a huge arena. I think this could be a special moment.
Lastly I just want to show you guys my favourite old song of hers “Ka-Ching!”. I was 10 when it was released and I was obsessed with it. I haven’t listened to it in year which happens with songs you don’t hear a lot on the radio but it still catches me and I know why my 10 year old me liked it. It was super modern back then and even now you can listen to it and you wouldn’t know when it got out.

Let me mentioned another few oldies: “That Don’t Impress Me Much” (1998), “Man! I feel like Woman!” (1999) and lastly a beautiful ballade “Forever and for Always” (2003).
Flash forward: In 2018 we are in for a treat because she is going on a huge American tour as well as a few European dates. Check out her website for exact dates. Since she I’ve known her music almost all my life I’d love to see her live sometime. If you do be proud and make sure to appreciate the effort she put in to get there.
I’d love to know your favourite song by Shania Twain! Let me know in the comments below.

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The Queen of Sprock

Anastacia is one powerful woman. I was lucky enough to see her live a few times and each time she is absolutely incredible. Her shows are full of energy, love and laughter. She must love Switzerland since she comes here once a year and it is always a special show for example Live at Sunset, Bosshard Arena or at Kongresshaus on the day the Swiss national football team played.
2016-06-19 22.40.35
As you can see she’s been touring for a few years without new music but now finally we get to hear 13 new songs. On 15th Sept she released “Evolution” and her first single “Caught in the Middle”
I love the first song because it is super catchy and sounds so Anastacia-like. Well actually the whole album sounds so like her and though she the new songs will add new value to her live shows. “Redlight” and “Stamina” are two beautiful songs and if you know her history you can appreciate it even more. After going through tough times it is important to balance your energy and know on what to spend it. So those two songs teach you to slow down and build your stamina for the right things in life.
“Boxer” is a powerful song and I cannot wait to hear it live! It’ll be so energising and will give you strength to do whatever you want. The next song “My everything” is a beautiful love song and a wonderful ballade sang by Anastacia’s incredible voice. It will give you goose-bumps – promise! “Nobody Loves Me Better” and “Reckless” are two party easy up-tempo songs followed by another powerful very soulful ballade called “Not Coming Down”.

I’m better than before!
I am rising high
I’m stronger than I’ve been before

Anastacia sings in “Before”. Some powerful lyrics and very inspiring. I love when she sings super low and in “Before” she does exactly that. With “Pain” she literally sings her pain away. In “Why” she asks the questions we all ask ourselves. After these very thoughtful songs we need a little break that “Boomerang” provides. It is a super catchy rocky song and I can already imagine Anastacia singing it on stage. We end the record on high with “Higher Livin'” which reminds me a lot of “I’m Outta Love” but cares?! I love both songs and they are brilliant to have a party with πŸ™‚

Anastacia always takes time to talk to her fans

“Evolution” proves that Anastacia is one of the biggest female singers! She can do it all – the soulful ballade, the party song, the rock song and the meaningful anthems. She created her special genre for a reason. She is just the best at “Sprocking” and this album is arranged beautifully. So do make sure to have a listen and if she comes to a town near you – GO! You won’t regret it.
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I am Robbie Fucking Williams and you are mine tonight!

11 years ago I saw him for the first time in Bern Stade de Suisse aka Wankdorf. It was also one of my first concerts ever and still one of the best. I remember the day and almost every minute of the concert. So I was super excited to see him again and I knew it will be good.
Erasure opened up and it was good dancy music. They were the perfect supporting act and they tried to speak German which was just the cutest! Finally at around 8 the heaven cleared and the sun came out. Luckily for the people down standing it stayed dry. Eminem’s “Loose Yourself” announced the start of the show and if we speak in boxing terms it was Robbie’s entrance music. Then we were asked to stand for the Robbie Williams anthem! Absolutely hilarious!! πŸ™‚ With “Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show” he literally welcomed us to the show and as always he said:


Fireworks and confetti included we were well entertained already after just one song but off we went with “Let Me Entertain You”. Other artists finish like Robbie starts. Incredible. As always the third song was “Monsoon” and of course we put our hands across the water! πŸ™‚ For people who have never been to his concert we were waving our hands from left to right. Robbie added huge fire balls to his repertoire of entertainment which fitted perfectly to “Party like a Russian”!

Let’s swing! A few years ago Mr. Williams showed he still had some swing in him and went on tour with his swing album. Tonight we only got “Minnie The Moocher”. Then we went even further back to his first solo single “Freedom” in 1996. (Yes, I was only 5 years old but I do know the lyrics :-)) He said that he wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t met one of the best musicians that ever lived. So he dedicated the cover to the late great George Michael.

Robbie became a daddy during the past few years little Teddy and little Charlie who are his life. So he really loves his life right now. He mounted a huge boxing glove and floated above the first rows and sang “Love My Life”. I was jumping up and down since I just bought the “Love My Life” jumper he designed for Marc’O’Polo and yes I obviously worn it to the concert. One of my favourite songs is “Come Undone” which he sang next and as always he asked us:

Switzerland, Am I still your Son?
“Yes, You are still our Son, Robbie!!”

During the last part of the song he remixed in Take That’s “Never Forget” and there you saw the difference between people in the audience. Us Take That/Robbie Fans knew what to do. Pretty easy put two hands up in the air but you obviously have to know when πŸ˜‰ Another oldie “Millennium” was next and again we put our hands up waving! But hold on Robbie told us to put the hands back down so we’ll have some energy left for the chorus to put’em back up! So funny. He’s like a conductor with a 45’000 people orchestra.

For one of his most romantic songs “Something Stupid” he brought a woman on stage with “Big Presents” but who didn’t know one of his songs. So I guess he didn’t feel bad when everyone laughed at her. Robbie and her sat down on a bench – super romantic – but then she had to wear a mask and someone was speaking for her. This has to be the funniest moment at a concert! This voice kept saying “I luv u” and “Kiss me, Robbie, kiss me!”
Even if critics thinks he cannot rap he did it anyway and “Rudebox” became one of my fav songs. “A – d- i – d – a -s – Old school ‘cos it’s the best, yes -TK Maxx cost less, yes” Love it πŸ™‚ Last time he got Olly Murs on stage to sing his duet with Kylie Minogue and it was one of the highlights of the show. This time he sang “Kids” with a talented back ground singer. And the highlight of the gig followed this song.

Robbie brought out his Dad Peter to sing with him! He always mentioned that he learned his craft from his old man and that he wanted to show us. So together they sang “Sweet Caroline – oh oh oh”. What a beautiful scene. Dad and son on a sofa in the middle of 45k people! I think his Dad enjoyed it as much as his son and we did. When he started “Feel” I knew the concert was nearly finished but I really didn’t want it to end. Everyone sang along to this huge hit. Robbie asked us now:

Can I kick it?
Yes, you can!

So “Rock DJ” was next! And we all got those disco moves out only to see him leave the stage with a bang. Thankfully he returned after a few seconds only to start the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”. Rob’s no Ryan Tedder so we kept singing the “dodododododo” and not the actual lyrics. For his encore Robbie chose three ballads. After “She’s the One” when the first chords of “Angels” started we knew that this was time to say Goodbye. Everyone’s light went up and was swaying to the rhythm. We didn’t want it to end so the crowd kept singing.
It felt like Robbie didn’t want to leave either so he just sang a medley of his biggest hits without instruments just with us singing along. It did seem that he trained his voice well this time since he sang through 90 minutes. Last time he talked waay more and it was more of a comedy show than a concert which I liked too. It was absolutely hilarious and I nearly had tears of laughter in my eyes. So this time I was surprised that he sang through all the songs.
With Guy Chambers on the keys he finished this wonderful concert with “My Way”. After thunderous fireworks Robbie Williams drove off in a black car into the night and left almost 50’000 people happy. The concert was finished and the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing was blasting from the stadium speakers. Something I’ve never seen before happened. People started to sing and dance one last time and it felt like it was part of the show since the lyrics were perfect for this evening:

Now I’ve had the time of my life
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it’s the truth
and I owe it all to you

Thank you Robbie!
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