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Zurich roooaaared with Katy Perry

I was super excited to see Katy Perry for the fourth time at Hallenstadion! I remember her doing a great show at Volkshaus and then half of the Hallenstadion and now for the second time a sold out show. I am incredibly happy to have seen her grow so big πŸ™‚ What I love about her audience is that it is super divers. From little kids to teenagers to families to very specially dressed people (I guess me kinda included haha)
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I guess the mini-club at the concert was why Tove Styrke started at 7.30 already. I really really loved her sound and she seemed incredibly humbled but very talented. I’d love to see her at a small venue to get a good look at her. Partying with Tove Styrke is great πŸ™‚
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The Witness Tour gig is divided into 5 parts. Katy Perry in a golden suit took the stage at 8.45 with “Witness” in a crystal like floaty thingy which opened the first part “In the space”. It continued with another song “Roulette” of her newest album. For that song she brought huge cubes on stage on which she was climbing around. During “Dark Horse” – such a tune! – she was supported by 8 dancers who are extremely talented and always dressed in awesome costumes. Huge computer giants took the stage for “Chained to the rhythm”. I was already up and dancing – how can you stay still? But lots of people were there to watch the show.

2018-06-01 21.31.29
And boy did they get something to watch. For every song Katy Perry brought something new out. Her 29 trucks were fully stocked with props. The 2nd part – act my age – started with “Teenage Dream” and a flying yellow Lego! Katy now started to talk to us. It felt like a conversation she’d have with approximately 13k friends πŸ˜€ She said that she wanted to learn some Swiss German. I have to say she must be pretty great at phonetics since she was mimicking what the first few rows were doing and it sounded very Swiss. So we taught her “Chalt und warm” / “Hot and Cold” and off the party went! πŸ™‚

It was a Friday Night and what better way to celebrate today with Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”. Katy had an LED-top on where both songs were displayed on. She was literally glowing! πŸ™‚ Two huge flamingos came out. They looked super funny and honestly it was so much fun dancing to this. Hit after hit the evening continued.

“California Gurls” was next and obviously Left Shark couldn’t be left out. He came on stage as a big star! πŸ˜€ And apparently he wanted to play a huge piano since he was a real musician. It was super entertaining and it didn’t feel rehearsed at all. After a water fight the stage was quickly cleaned while Katy Perry sang a song for all her Katycats: “I kissed A Girl”! What I really liked about this tour is that she completely remodeled her oldest songs into new versions. And off she went into a huge mouth covered in red lipstick.

Act 3 “Celestial Body” brought out huge flowers all over the stage. For “DΓ©jΓ  Vu” Katy Perry walked slowly down to the middle of the Hallenstadion. Unfortunately she was engaging the other side of the venue more than mine. This is the only thing I can criticize. During “Tsunami” she had a dancer on a huge flower pole. It looked very cool. Another fav of mine “E.T.” was next and a huge mosquito took the stage. Honestly it is incredible what Katy Perry and her creative director did with this Witness tour! Even people who don’t go to concerts a lot or don’t enjoy it as much were in for a treat. It was just a spectacular show!

During “Bon AppΓ©tit” an oversized carnivorous plant took the space below the huge eye which was the center of the stage the whole time. It is hard to describe all the things on stage because there were just too many. I bet someone sat across the room had another few and saw something else. At the end of the song Katy Perry was eaten by the huge plant and off she went to change for the fourth act.
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During dress change big planets were blown up and Katy Perry flew in on big Saturn. She sat there covered in silver with a silver guitar and played “Wide Awake” for which she asked us to be her duet partner. It looked sooo pretty! Especially when everybody started to light up their phones. A wow moment!

Now what I realized yesterday is that a lot of people there knew her biggest songs and a lot of the new ones. However the old ones weren’t sung that loud. What I didn’t like about the audience too is that they were seated almost the whole time. Honestly how could they???!!!
Katy Perry landed on the 3rd stage and asked for the Swiss flag someone in the audience was waving to be given to her. She said:

Thank you for spending your time and your money to be with me. I know that you had to take a train, a bus, a car or a plane and maybe spend money on a hotel. I really appreciate you and that’s why I wrote this song for you.

It was a very intimate moment where Katy Perry knelt in the middle of her Katycats singing “Into Me You See”. The last song of act 4 was “Power” and off she went for another dress change.
2018-06-01 22.35.36
Part 5 started with “Part of Me” and it was time to put your fist into the air! When I walked in I spotted a pretty cool shirt at the Merch stand from the “Swish Swish” song. Unfortunately it was so expensive that I didn’t buy it but the song was stuck in my head. And finally she sang it now! πŸ˜€ I had to laugh and it stayed in my head all night! In the video of “Swish Swish” Katy Perry plays Basketball with pretty famous people. At the gig she chose a Dad and his 10 year old son. A huge basketball court was the background for the song and now it served as a little game. If the duo won they could take a selfie with Katy. So they took turns at trying to put the oversized ball into the huge net and obviously Katy Perry made sure that she’d loose πŸ˜€

The basketball court was replaced by an impressive lion.

Zurich it is time to “Roar”!

I love that song and I adore that record. Every song on that album tells a very personal story. That’s why the last gig in 2015 was so special to me. Last night it was even bigger than the last time but I couldn’t relate as much. But in any case it was a brilliant gig and I had a great time. If you want to get some impressions have a look at my stories on my instagram account. Just click here.  After nearly two hours Katy Perry left the stage for the Encore.
2018-06-01 23.08.41
Katy flew in on a big clock to sing her song “Pendulum”. It was a very quiet song and a nice Encore song before the Big Bang! She landed in a huge hand in the middle of the stage and sang with us “Firework”. And with Boom Boom Boom real fireworks were set off before Katy Perry sank into the hand and into the floor of the stage. As you can see I am in Love with Katy Perry and I am so impressed with her journey. I can only recommend to you guys to see a gig of hers. It is just amazing! πŸ™‚
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Have you seen Katy Perry live? Let me know your experience and leave a comment below:-)

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