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Bruno Mars @ Hallenstadion 12.05.2017

Peter Gene Hernandez aka Bruno Mars is only 1.65m tall but let me tell you he was 10 feet tall on Friday, 12th May. He came with his 24K tour to Zurich and made sure that he conquered the Hallenstadion. His ticket system helped a lot. There were expensive fan tickets on the lower ranks available and of course if you pay 300 francs you want to dance to your idols songs. So if the people in front of you are standing up you are too. From the first song almost everyone was standing and dancing. During the 2nd song he brought out the big guns: Loud fireworks! Later in the show there were also fire balls and golden glitter. But honestly his biggest assets are his band mates. They were dancing in sync and it just looked awesome.
Overall I liked the show a lot and the audience was great too. I’d like to criticise one thing: I didn’t agree with his choices for the setlist. I would have liked to hear more of his old songs like the lazy song or lighters. Other than that hats off Mr. Mars and come back for your 4th time in Zurich soon please!

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