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Country Music with a Swiss charm

Reno Gabriel is an emerging country music artist in Switzerland. If you love Florida Georgia Line you have to check him out! I’ve been following him for a few months now and this weekend he released his debut album called “Heart Wide Open”. I was able to listen to it already and I can tell you that my car drive went by so quickly I didn’t even notice the time! (This is good ;-))
So I was invited to his album release party which included a concert in the Galicia Bar in Olten. Even with his “small” repertoire he played over an hour and the audience loved what they heard. At beginning you could see that he was a bit nervous but that is totally understandable. I would be too! πŸ™‚
After the first two songs “If only in a country song” and “Don’t say goodbye” he welcome us to his show and hope we could party with him tonight. “Mine tonight” is one of his own songs which you can find on his new album. Just a very beautiful country song. Reno Gabriel and his 5 fellow musicians added a few covers to the set which I personally liked too. It showed his passion for country music and I love if artists show the audience own personal favourite songs. So the first of 4 was “We are tonight” by Sam Hunt.

The Drums!

He then introduced us to a special instrument called ganjo. It’s a mix between a banjo and a guitar. Apparently Keith Urban uses it a lot in his songs. Finally my favourite song of the record “New ways” was played and I absolutely loved it. Especially with that ganjo – I was fascinated by it. A cover by Keith Urban followed and we were right into slow part of the show with “Crazy for you” and “Believe”.
We enjoyed another cover “Red Dirt Road” before Reno Gabriel literally baptised his album by spilling beer on the cover. Accordingly the title track “Heart Wide Open” was played and this is just a superb country song. If you love this genre you will just love this song. We were slowly coming to an end but not before we heard “It should be me” and a cover by Florida Georgia Line “Sippin’ on Fire”.

Unfortunately the summer has ended here in Switzerland but “Summer Nights” is the perfect song to reminisce about the past season. With the final song “This Time” Reno Gabriel ended an amazing first album release party. I honestly hope that this is just one of many and I wish him all the best.
If you like what you just read please follow him and support him in his dream. Get your copy of the record on or check out his website for Spotify and iTunes. Comment below and let me know what you think!

The full band

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  1. I love this country week! It really makes me happy!
    I honestly never heard of Reno Gabriel but he sounds like a nice guy and I am glad, that he had the chance to make an album and have his own release party! It’s so important to support new artist with their music!
    I am for sure gonna listen into his music!
    thanks for bringing him to my attention

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