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Guns N' Roses @ Stadion Letzigrund 07.06.17

Last night the Rock Legends Guns N’ Roses brought their “Not in this lifetime” tour to Zurich. It is the first tour in over 20 years where Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan are reunited after their fall out in the 90’s.
I’m not overly familiar with the songs but they are Legends so I had to see them. Unfortunately the tickets were super expensive and I thought I’d gamble and try to win tickets or go to the stadium and buy them there. Luckily it paid off! I’ve found two tickets for myself and my friend which are way below the official price. I am very grateful to the two men selling them. Rockers have a good genuine heart!
It was announced that the security will be ramped up due to the Manchester attack two weeks ago. Only fanny packs or small A5 bags for women are allowed and basically everything is banned from the stadium. They already apologized for a possible waiting time. When I got there it looked like a lot of people but I was inside the venue within a few minutes. It was organized brilliantly.
First thing I noticed once inside is that every second person was wearing a Guns N’ Roses shirt I’ve never seen so many band shirts at a concert in my life!
On time at 7.45 the gunshots announced that the show is about to start and there they were. Guns N’ Roses put on an amazing show from start to finish. Slash’s guitar skills are just incredible. I am not an expert on guitar solos but even I saw that this is not easy and he must be Guitar God. Axl Roses voice was very high pitched at times and mostly just screaming but surprisingly I liked it. I loved the whole concert even if it isn’t my music I listen to every day. They are Legends and they proved it yesterday.


They played every hit in their three hour show and made everyone happy. “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child o’ Mine” ,”November Rain” and “Paradise City” were all on the setlist. They also performed a few covers such as “Live and let Die”, “Speak Softly Love” (from the Godfather) and “Wish you were here”. A wonderful tribute to the late Chris Cornell with “Black Hole Sun” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Doors” got everyone to stand up and sing a long. As the whole stadium was lit and around 50’000 people sang that well-know chorus I had goose-bumps and loved every minute of it.
The 2nd last song “Whole lotta Rosie” was an AC/DC cover which Axl dedicated to his recently passed away dog. Of course this song is not new to Axl Rose since he helped out AC/DC last year when he filled in for Brian Johnson who had to take a break because he suffered from a hearing loss. The concert finished the way it started: WITH A BANG!
Finally I got myself a Guns N’ Roses T-shirt and fitted perfectly into the crowd. An audience who were very laid back and friendly and who just wanted to see their favourite band live again. I love Rockers! πŸ™‚

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