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One evening with Drew Cole at Bistro Chez Marion

From the Voice to Bistro Chez Marion

Shirley from Loads of Music introduced me to this awesome talented musician named Drew Cole. She showed me a video from his blind audition at The Voice US. It didn’t take me long to agree to join her at the little get together. Let me show you the video:

Would you have turned as well? I sure would have! And thank God he went with Adam LOL Fast forward a few months he’s been touring with ZIBBZ through Switzerland after they met each other in LA. And thank God they did because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten to hear and see him here in Zurich at a little bistro called Chez Marion. Sounds great right? Have a look at the highlights in my Insta Stories by clicking here.

My yummy Galette

This little bistro has this thing called “Mercredi Musique” where musicians can showcase their talent. I love this sooo much. It is sooo important for newcomers to show their talents and I admire any coffee owner who supports good music. So well done to you!

Sour Love

“Sour Love” is Drew Cole’s recent single. It’s such a fun uptempo song and the rhythm is super catchy. But listen to the single here.
2018-11-14 20.47.04
Drew Cole performed “Kings and Queens” as well which you can listen on Spotify too. But what I didn’t expect was that he covered my favourite song. It was a pretty bad week for me and when I heard the first chords of “I Don’t Want To Be” I nearly freaked out. I sat there, sang along and nearly started crying. I am so grateful to Drew Cole for singing this song that night and especially for doing it justice. He’s got such a beautiful special voice you will recognize instantly.


So if a musician is able to make you cry with his voice I think he is definitely an artist2watch! If you see Drew Cole is playing near please go and support this awesome artist! I wish him all the best and I hope that his music reaches as many hearts as it did mine that night.
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