Snow Patrol melted not only the snow but also the hearts of the Swiss audience

Snow Patrol came on stage with a huge grin to a packed Samsung Hall after a 7 year hiatus and of course they promised to be back much sooner but let’s start with the beginning of the night.

The awesome support acts: JC Stewart & Foy Vance

Unfortunately I missed out on JC Stewart who was up at 7 but Gary Lightbody calls him the next Superstar so we better check him out! πŸ™‚ At quarter to 8 Foy Vance took the stage with his drummer. I am soo impressed with his voice. At one point during a slow song I closed my eyes and just listened. The goosebumps came and I was super happy. Also the harmonies were on point. He also made me dance and I really had a good time! On top of the voice and the awesome songs he’s also funny and very entertaining so please Foy Vance come back for a headlining show! πŸ™‚

Foy Vance

Take back the city!

On the huge LED screen Snow Patrol said Hello Zurich and with that the 5 lads from Northern Ireland walked on stage to an applauding audience – and that was just the beginning of a brilliant evening. With “Take back the city” the guys literally took the city back and we were all enjoying ourselves and from minute one the atmosphere was really good. People singing, dancing, clapping and having a good time. Maybe was it because I was surrounded by English people?? πŸ˜€ The hits continued with “Chocolate” and “Crack the Shutters”. What an impressive start!

It was time to introduce new music to us: “Empress” and “Don’t give in”. But you loyal readers know that due to a lucky hand Kekoas Korner got hear the new songs this summer during a super hot Energy Live Session at Kaufleuten. Lots of people were already able to sing along the new songs! Between those two songs Gary Lightbody saw a sign which read welcome back and then spoke with a guy named Miguel who said that he can play all Snow Patrol songs and to prove it Gary asked him “Which one do you want to play?” I couldn’t hear Miguel’s answer but Gary said “Can’t you choose one off the setlist?!” πŸ˜€ He must have said “Run” and so Gary informed him “You’re up in two songs!”

Every Fans Dream

“Open your Eyes” was next and then it was Miguel’s turn. Gary Lightbody said that they’ve never done anything like this before but they were willing to try – and they were lucky. Miguel fit right in and together they performed “Run” while the audience was loving it and supporting them by singing along. After “Run” Miguel got an extra loud cheer by the crowd. I’m loving those surprise moments! I think that’s one of the reason why I love going to gigs! You never know what’s going to happen.

“You could be happy”, “Life on Earth”, “Make this go on forever” followed this highlight. It’s crazy how many Snow Patrol songs you actually know because they’ve just been around for so long creating hits. “Shut your Eyes” and “Called out in the dark” are two prominent examples of that. Snow Patrol are so much more than “Chasing Cars” and Gary had to patient a guy from the audience who shouted that song after 20 minutes. πŸ˜€

The last hurrah

Gary Lightbody asked us now for help. The next song has got some super high notes and his voice is basically gone in that range so we need to help him out there and of course the Zurich audience did. Together we sang “Heal me”. For “The Lightning Strike” big see through curtains were drawn and the designs of the video clip was shown on the big screen and on the curtains – what a wow effect! πŸ˜€ And then the big moment came and a huge roar went through the Samsung Hall. The nearly sold out hall and Snow Patrol performed together “Chasing Cars”. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about that amazing atmosphere. The 5 lads said their Goodbye with “You’re all I have” but of course it wasn’t the last song.

The applause was super loud so Gary and Johnny came back on to play a very beautiful ballade of the new record “Wildness” called “What if this is all the love you ever get?”. Another highlight for me. But of course Gary, Johnny, Nathan, Jonny and Paul were ready to party I mean it was a Saturday Night after all. So with “Just Say Yes” and a promise to come back sooner than this time they let us into the night! On the LED screen you could see words Snow Patrol <3 Zurich and of course Zurich loves Snow Patrol too. The smiles on everyone’s faces were huge until we got roughly ushered out by the – as always – super unfriendly security at Samsung Hall. I guess nothing changes.

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