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Mary J. Blige @ Live at Sunset 09.07.17

It took me two weeks to write this blog post because I didn’t know what to tell you. I’ve never seen Mary J. Blige before and I was very much looking forward to her concert. As a bonus Naturally 7 supported her for this gig at this beautiful venue. Have a look at the review of their concert by clicking on: Naturally 7.
It was pouring rain until Naturally 7 came on stage and warmed us up. After a 15mins break we were ready for her. She came on stage in sky high red overknees kind of like the guy in the musical “Kinky Boots”. I thought she would have a huge entourage with her but she had around 8 musicians and backing singers and no dancers at all! So she danced on her own and walked up and down the stage.

Mary J. Blige with her Kinky Boots

The first few songs I quite liked and she held an empowering speech for women that every men should treat his woman like a queen and there should be only one queen in his life. So this made me suspicious and I started googleing her and there it was. Her ex-husband had an affair with her 28 year old protégé and is now entitled to 30K per month. I’d be furious too but honestly anger doesn’t suit her very well.
She changed her kinky boots after an hour and still was screaming her heart out, raging about men and empowering women. It kinda got old very quick. I did not know one song and I think everybody else felt the same way. So they started to leave allthough they paid a lot of money to see her. The ranks started to clear out and even the standing people left about midway through.

Beautiful setting @ Live at Sunset

Finally the last three songs were “No More Drama” – YES PLEASE! – “One” and “Family Affair”. For the last song I went down to dance because I told myself I paid for it I need to enjoy at least this one. Mary J. Blige left without an encore and without properly saying Good-bye. Let me tell you I was left speechless. I could not believe that this was her show. I expected it to be quiet at times but also very dancy but nothing of that sorts happened.
I was massively disappointed and only Naturally 7 saved this evening and my money’s worth. I really don’t like to write a review like this but I have to tell you the truth and I would never see her again after this concert. It was very unprofessional of her and she clearly did not want to be there at all. I get that she is furious and heart-broken but sorry as a professional musician the show must go on as hard as it sounds. If she’d work in a normal job she couldn’t pull this off either.
Have you been to Mary J. Blige’s concert? I would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

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  1. Honestly, I am not really surprised about your review! I would have been gobsmacked if it would have been anything less than what it is! I saw Mary J. Blige years ago at the Avo Session and she was frankly the most disappointing act I have ever seen. And I have been to a lot of concerts of different artists in the 27 years I walk on this earth, because my mother is a music junkie and she literally dragged me to my first concert when I was like 6 years old.
    I know „years“ sounds like a long time ago and I need to confess that I don’t remember every moment of the concert and some details may have slipped, but what I remember is that MJB was arrogant and unenthusiastic. Her face literally screamed „I don’t wanna be here! You’re all way beneath me! I’m only here because they paid me a shit ton of money!“ and this coming from an artist as hiped as she is, was so disappointing. Her volcal performance, next to her attitude, was way beneath what I had expected.
    To come back to your review, I actually don’t think that her attitude was solely because of her cheating husband, maybe it intensified it, but I am sure that’s just how she is. She is arrogant, which maybe comes with the business, but that’s not an excuse for how she threats her fans and the people who spent a lot of money to see her live on stage. Somebody really should knock her of her high horse, because let’s be frank, she is not that great an artist, she proved it at the Avo Session and she proved it again at the Blue Balls Festival you attended.
    Nonetheless, I am glad you could at least enjoy the few songs you recognised and that you were able to make the best of it despite her poor performance and her attitude.

      1. For me it felt like she is simply bored and fed up with all the touring and the concerts. But than why doing it? She could just quit doing concerts etc. and keep making albums. Or retire on a freaking island or whatever. Instead she is scheduling concerts, she obviously doesn’t want to attend to and through that squeezes money out of her fans. And that’s what really makes me angry. As you said, she has the privilege to do what she loves – or maybe loved once – and she is kinda kicking the whole thing in the ass.

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