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Alina Amuri’s Chasing Traces

Alina Amuri is a Swiss singer with Congolese roots who’s been known for her soulful voice. She finally released her 2nd album “Chasing Traces last week and I just had a listen to it.
“Won’t Cope with it” sounds like the perfect song for a rainy night in September. It starts very chilled and then the beat drops. I really really love the rhythm! And obviously the beautiful voice of Alina Amuri makes it to a perfect track to be No. 1 on the album. The very international sound continues with “Water” and “Pioneers”. The sound kinda reminds me of Erykah Badu who I adore. After three tracks there’s a short Interlude called “A long Time”. It kinda has a gospel sound and has a rich sound. What a contrast the next song is. “Giving up on you” has a rock feel and the electric guitar is very prominent.
After a quick adventure into the synthie rock genre Alina Amuri is back into the chill music area with “On my way” and “Free”. She has such a beautiful peaceful voice it is a pleasure to listen to her music. I think she’d be perfect for all the Jazz music festivals around the world. Chasing Traces represents the modern version of Jazz mixed with soul and reggae elements. The rhythm and Alina Amuri’s voice in “Don’t” transports a very intense feeling – it is hard to describe. So you better listen to it and buy it here.

Alina Amuri “Chasing Traces”

The title track “Chasing Traces” is a very cute slow ballade. Now it’s time to dance with “Move slowly”. Sounds funny I know but this song won’t make you move slowly. It makes you want to dance and I really love the feature of Walter Esposito on the track. He helped Alina Amuri on the songwriting for the record and it is a perfect addition on this track. I just love that track! I think every summer party needs to play it so remember to put “Move slowly” by Alina Amuri on your Spotify playlist! I just did that and to make it easier for you here’s the link.
“Daughter” gives me goosebumps. It is a song about her daddy who she hasn’t had any contact with for many years. Being a musician is not easy but she is still grateful for the life she has and that she can do what she loves. I completely relate to that feeling. What impressed me the most is that this song was recorded in one take! These days it is very to do that but obviously the emotion she felt at that exact moment couldn’t be ripped apart – which makes this track unique.
The “Outro” is a very airy short Interlude and picks up on the first notes of the first song of the record. However to me the beginning sounds more sad and like she is still chasing traces. The outro sounds happy and like she has found what Alina Amuri was looking for.
After listening to the record it makes me wonder how the tracks sound like because you know I love live music. I saw her supporting Naturally 7 a few years back and it was a perfect fit. But you know what? You can see her live as a headliner now! She is playing Plaza on June, 8th so make sure to check it out and celebrate the Release of “Chasing Traces” with her. Get your tix via Starticket. She will play another two festivals after this gig on July, 13th at the Kulturfestival in St.Gallen and on August, 10th at the Jazztage in Lichtensteig.
Let me know what you thought of Alina Amuri’s new record “Chasing Traces” in the comments below.

Arcade Fire’s Everything Now

Arcade Fire are coming back to Switzerland. This fact might come as a surprise to us. For years they’ve been avoiding our country because we have the worst fans at gigs. And you know I must admit that the Swiss audience is very hard to crack. However if you work hard and show your appreciation and you if you are really that talented you will find that the Swiss audience can be one of the most loyal audience – Just ask Naturally 7 or Anastacia!
So no hard feelings here. Let me give you some back ground about Arcade Fire. They’re a Canadian Indie rock band currently formed of wife Régine Chassagne and Husband Win Butler, Win’s brother William Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury and Jeremy Gara. After four years and a change of record companies Arcade Fire released their firth studio „Everything now“. In March they released two new songs „Put your Money on Me“ and „We don’t derserve Love“ which I found in an acoustic version recorded for the BBC.

They have a super special sound, no? I bet they have an energetic live performance and a passionate musicians doing what they love. However I’ve heard that Win Butler described Everything Now as their worst album. So I have to show you at least one older song to make sure you get the full picture. Here’s the title track of their 4th album Reflektor:

Like what you hear? Good! For Kekoas Korner’s one year anniversary I’m able to give away two tickets to the concert at Hallenstadion on June, 13th 2018 organised by abc production! It’s very easy to participate just head over to my Instagram page. Good luck! 🙂

Tearing at the seams by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Photo credit: Brantley Gutierrez

Kekoas Korner is a huge fan of Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. After hearing “S.O.B” their first single on the radio I knew I had to get their self-titled debut record which turned me into an even bigger fan. Being lucky again I won two tickets to their show at Kaufleuten in 2016.
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Kekoas Korner proudly announced that Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats are back! Their lead single “You Worry Me” is already out and the album Tearing at the seams will follow on March, 9th. But the best news is that they are coming to town on March, 22! Tickets are still available here. Have a listen to their first single “You Worry Me”:

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I just love their sound. It reminds of a nice summer day driving with open windows just enjoying the sun. Their debut record is one of 5 records I always keep in my car. So for me buying the new record is a done deal. If you feel the same you can pre-order the record by clicking here.
To create this record Nathaniel Rateliff felt like the Night Sweats need to be part of it since he did the first album by himself. The initial writing session were based in Rodeo, New Mexico were they had to figure out how to write a record as a band. This makes me wonder how the sound of this 2nd album is different to the first. Here’s the song list:

  1. Shoe Boot
  2. Be There
  3. A Little Honey
  4. Say It Louder
  5. Hey Mama
  6. Babe I Know
  7. Intro
  8. Coolin’ Out
  9. Baby I Lost My Way, (But I’m Going Home)
  10. You Worry Me
  11. Still Out There Running
  12. Tearing at the Seams

Which immediately strikes my eye is that the Intro song is No. 7 and not No. 1 on the record. I guess we gotta wait and see what this is all about.
Let me leave you with my favourite song by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats:


The Queen of Sprock

2016-06-19 21.06.21
Anastacia is one powerful woman. I was lucky enough to see her live a few times and each time she is absolutely incredible. Her shows are full of energy, love and laughter. She must love Switzerland since she comes here once a year and it is always a special show for example Live at Sunset, Bosshard Arena or at Kongresshaus on the day the Swiss national football team played.
2016-06-19 22.40.35
As you can see she’s been touring for a few years without new music but now finally we get to hear 13 new songs. On 15th Sept she released “Evolution” and her first single “Caught in the Middle”
I love the first song because it is super catchy and sounds so Anastacia-like. Well actually the whole album sounds so like her and though she the new songs will add new value to her live shows. “Redlight” and “Stamina” are two beautiful songs and if you know her history you can appreciate it even more. After going through tough times it is important to balance your energy and know on what to spend it. So those two songs teach you to slow down and build your stamina for the right things in life.
“Boxer” is a powerful song and I cannot wait to hear it live! It’ll be so energising and will give you strength to do whatever you want. The next song “My everything” is a beautiful love song and a wonderful ballade sang by Anastacia’s incredible voice. It will give you goose-bumps – promise! “Nobody Loves Me Better” and “Reckless” are two party easy up-tempo songs followed by another powerful very soulful ballade called “Not Coming Down”.

I’m better than before!
I am rising high
I’m stronger than I’ve been before

Anastacia sings in “Before”. Some powerful lyrics and very inspiring. I love when she sings super low and in “Before” she does exactly that. With “Pain” she literally sings her pain away. In “Why” she asks the questions we all ask ourselves. After these very thoughtful songs we need a little break that “Boomerang” provides. It is a super catchy rocky song and I can already imagine Anastacia singing it on stage. We end the record on high with “Higher Livin'” which reminds me a lot of “I’m Outta Love” but cares?! I love both songs and they are brilliant to have a party with 🙂

Anastacia always takes time to talk to her fans

“Evolution” proves that Anastacia is one of the biggest female singers! She can do it all – the soulful ballade, the party song, the rock song and the meaningful anthems. She created her special genre for a reason. She is just the best at “Sprocking” and this album is arranged beautifully. So do make sure to have a listen and if she comes to a town near you – GO! You won’t regret it.
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Wonderboy Chris Stapleton took the Country world by storm

Chris Stapleton has been writing songs for other people for years. Did you know that Adele’s “If it hadn’t been for love?” was written by Chris? I bet you didn’t, neither did I until now. Lucky for us he decided in 2015 to release a solo album called “Traveller” and finally step into the limelight. What a wonderful decision and it proved to be a huge success. In the same year he won 3 CMA awards and gave an amazing performance of “Tennessee Whiskey” together with Justin Timberlake.

This album has been in my car ever since I bought the record two years ago. This year he released his highly anticipated 2nd album “From A room: Volume 1” and let me tell you a bit about it. It has 7 wonderful songs and is just like a masterpiece as the first album.
The 2nd single “Broken Halos” is an incredible song – the guitar, his voice in harmony with his wife’s is just pure bliss. If you are a fan of harmonicas and slow songs then you’ll love “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning”. If you’re more into country rock “Second One To Know” is your go to song. The E-Guitar solo is brill and it has a super catchy rhythm.
With “Up To Know Good Livin'” we’re headed into the Bluegrass direction. Which is another fantastic genre which is well underrated. This song is so country let me recite some lyrics:

I used to drink like a fish and run like a dog
Done a whole lotta shit not permitted by law
People call me the Picasso of painting the town
And I’ve finally grown up

His first single “Either Way” starts with only guitar chords and then his incredible voice sets in. The simplicity of this song and the intensity will give you goose-bumps. The chorus is so emotional you have to feel it! “I was Wrong” lifts the mood again with a chill sound if you don’t listen to the lyrics. (He tries to win  his babe back). I adore the cool sound of the next song called “Without your Love”. It is one hell of a break-up song with beautiful lyrics.

Tears filled with pain and they fall like rain
Constant reminders every day

If you are ready to party country style then you gotta listen to “Them Stem”! I can literally picture this diner with trucks outside and the cowboys drinking beer inside. The last song of the record has a pretty dark name “Death Row” and it’s about someone who’s on death row. Pretty rough subject to sing about and this is why the song is kept pretty muted. I am not quite sure how I feel about this song since I’m not sure if anyone should be singing about this subject. I mean musically it’s another brilliant song but you see I struggle with the theme of it.
So this was From A Room: Volume 1. This title suggests that there will be a Vol.2 and let me tell you guys I cannot wait to listen to that! Keep following my blog and my social media accounts and I will let you know as soon as it’s out!
Sounds good? Get a copy of the record via or Apple Music and leave a comment below why you like Chris Stapleton as much as me!

So much love for the Script’s Freedom Child

„Freedom Child“ by The Script is my most anticipated record of the year next to P!nk’s „Beautiful Trauma”. Two years ago they stopped touring and I didn’t know what to do with myself… just kidding! 🙂 They obviously deserved a break which was well needed but then at the beginning of this year the boys started to work on the new album and holy smokes we all were excited!

„Rain“ the first single was released in July and I remember listening to it on the train and absolutely loved it. The sound was new but still very Script-like. This single meant to the Script Family that an album and a tour was imminent. A month later they’ve got already the first shows under their belt. A US tour is following and now the European fans are wondering WHEN are they coming to Europe??
Back to the record. Like a child on Christmas Day I waited for the postman to deliver the album and finally at noon he decided to show up! And off it went into the record player 🙂 I have to say I was really surprised how different the sound was. The whole CD contains mostly up-tempo songs and is very dancy! I personally love it! The guys outdone themselves to write a whole new album with a different vibe but still keep the The Script signature.


First song “No Man is an Island” is a brilliant up-tempo song which I adore and made me immediately want to listen to the whole album even more. WOW “Arms open” is an anthem to friendship and so beautiful! I hope my friends that my arms are wide open if they need it. In the next song “Rock the World” we finally hear Mark rap/singing again. I love the beat of “Mad Love” and the lyrics are brill and quite funny. So The Script like 🙂 Now after listening on my way home in the car I realised this is my favourite track of the album!
In “Deliverance” Danny has been waiting all his life for the One to deliver him something. Well I can tell him whatever it is I will deliver it to him anytime just call me 😉 Back to serious matters. The band has always been political and socially critical but this is the most obvious song so far “Divided States of America” sounds like a marching song and the fighting spirit is palpable. I’m usually against politics in music but like P!nk in “Dear Mr. President” they talk about what they want to be changed and they don’t just badmouth the President with swearing words.
Surprisingly they even use auto-tune in “Wonders” but it’s a lovely ode to life:

Let’s see the 8 World Wonders before we’re 6 feet under.
Do everything we always talked about, mark them off the bucket list Go to Rome, stand in awe Climb a mountain in Nepal Land in China, walk the wall We gonna do it all Dance in Rio in the sun Head to Vegas for the fun Do the things we never done

“Love not Lovers”hits the nail on the head! It’s the perfect song for all those unlucky people who are trying to find love but only find lovers. The Script gives us hope that one day our day will come! So let’s cross our fingers that they are right. And as soon as you find someone you have a ready-made love song by the guys called “Eden”!
“Make up” is the slowest song on this record and tells of a beautiful story. If you are feeling down this your go to song! It instantly tells you to be proud of yourself and be who you are. Wonderful message thank you for this song. Also the next one “Written in the Scars” will lift you right up and it might even make you start dancing.
Lastly the title track of the album “Freedom Child” rounds off an amazing new The Script album. The “long” wait was well worth it and as I mentioned earlier I cannot wait until they tour Europe. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to any of the UK/US dates but I saw many pictures, videos and periscopes and let me say it again it’s good to have the boys back!
So if you haven’t already ordered or downloaded Freedom Child please do so right now! And no I’m not paid to say this I mean it. The lads are wonderful so is their music and this is how you can support them. Also make sure to check their homepage for upcoming tour dates.
Calling the Script Family what do you think of the album and the new songs? Please comment below or on Kekoaskorner’s social media accounts facebook, instagram and twitter.


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The solo boys of OneDirection

One Direction went into hiatus just a little over a year ago after Zayn left the group to pursue his solo career. Officially they were on a break until March 17 but yes we are in July and they are all pursuing solo careers now. So let’s have a look on all their projects.
Zayn Malik
He was the first one to release solo material. With “Pillowtalk” he landed a huge hit. Was it because the song was good or was it because the video included his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid or because he was the first of the group to release a song? I am not so sure which one it is. This song was also the soundtrack to the movie fifty shades darker which helped to make it successful too. Don’t get me wrong I like his voice but I don’t like the image he has at the moment. The only single who could match that success was a collaboration with Taylor Swift. All other singles weren’t that successful. He is not on tour at the moment.
Niall Horan
Niall released two singles. “This Town” about a year ago and “Slow Hands” in May. I didn’t know his first single but it was one of the most special moments of the Summertime Ball at Wembley this year. 80’000 people lit up the stadium and where waving their lights to that song – just beautiful. His 2nd song “Slow Hands” is super catchy and it’s been stuck in my head for days. I like it a lot. It’s sounds really innocent but have a look at the lyrics it is everything but innocent J Kind of like Milow’s “Ayo Technology”. And you know that I have thing for Irish musicians so I would never thrash him. Niall is on tour soon. He will play in Ireland, UK, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and the US. Click here to get to his his homepage to get more info and tickets.
Harry Styles
Harry took his time to work on his album and you can really hear it. His first single “Sign of Times” is still constantly played on the radio and it is a beautiful soulful song. I listened to his album “Harry Styles” and I am quite surprised. It sounds like a real musician has produced it. Besides making a good album he has been acting in the recently released movie “Dunkirk”. He will also be on a huge world tour next year. Click here to get more details on dates and tickets. Switzerland, March 11th. Germany, March 24th-27th. US, June 5th- Jul 14th. Australia, April 21st-28th.
The two last ones were busy starting their own families.
Liam Payne
Liam surprisingly started dating Cheryl Cole (or whatever her name is at the moment) and this lead to their first son Bear Payne (I know what a name!). Probably almost at the same time he release his first single “Strip that Down”. He performed his only song at this year’s Capital Summertime Ball and who would have thought that Liam can dance like that?! I also have to admit that I love the Chorus because it’s very catchy and you can dance to it. The single also made it as MTV’s cover of the month and this guy has literally stripped it down to a guitar and his voice. I love this version and if you watch the video until the end it will surprise 🙂 On his official website are no live shows scheduled for the moment.

Louis Tomlinson
The first 1D baby is Freddie and he’s already a year old so his daddy Louis was able to record his first solo single “Back to you” featuring Bebe Rexha. I don’t like her voice and I think she is screaming instead of singing so I don’t agree with her in the first place. Plus this song sounds like a million other songs various DJ’s produce but worse. I really hate to say this since he is my favourite of the group but he either should stick with being a dad or look for some good producers to help him make better song choices.
So all the boys have released new music and let’s see who will make it as a solo artist and will still be here in a few years. Judging by their first attempts it has to be Harry. But who knows the other boys might work with better producers and make a great record. Only time will tell…
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Hydrograd by Stone Sour

Stone Sour is Corey Taylor’s side project next to his “main band” Slipknot. I got to know him thanks to this wonderful music documentary called sound city directed by Dave Grohl. I already wrote about this movie in one of my lasts posts. New Music: Concrete and Gold by Foo Fighters. If you are into pure music of real musicians this is perfect.
Back to Stone Sour. They’ve released a new album last week called “Hydrograd” which lists 15 songs. 4 singles are already out: “Fabuless”, “Song #3”, “Paipei Person/Allah Tea” and “Mercy”. All songs were written by Corey Taylor. The mastermind has not only a brilliant voice but is also a very talented songwriter. asked him what his favourite track of the album was. His first answer was “Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song is Dumb & So am I)” but he corrected himself and said actually he loves all of the songs. He listens to all of them and cannot choose. At the end he decides that because it’s so different his favourite song of the record is “When the Fever Broke”.

This song is my favourite too because it is actually a quiet ballade where you can actually listen to Corey’s amazing voice. “Song #3” somehow feels like I already know it and is just a great rock song! “Knievel has landed” will be brilliant live because corey is supported by a few people in chorus singing “oh oh”. In general it’s a good rock tune and to say it the old school way it has a good groove.
“Mercy” and “Thank God is over” are very rocky. “YSIF”, “Whiplash Pants” are much tougher and I have to admit that is this is not really my kind of style. But I do understand that they are actually good songs just in a very metally way 😉
To sum up it is an awesome record that not only slipknot fans like but also people like me who are not really into screaming singers (apologies to all the fans but this is how it sounds to me). It is also a very diverse album so everyone will find a song to love.
The record is great but the best way to listen to Stone Sour is live. Luckily they are on tour this fall. Check out their website for dates: I will try to catch them on Dec, 14th in Zurich.
Have you listened to their new record? Let me know what you think!



Heartbreak by Lady Antebellum

When I started to listen to country music Lady Antebellum were one of the first bands I really loved. I was lucky enough to see them a few years ago at Live at Sunset in Zurich. They put on a great show. After that gig the band had a little break to look after their families. Now they’re back with a new record called “Heartbreak” which was release on June 9th.
The leading single “Heartbreak” is typical Lady A. The beautiful voice of Hillary backed up by Charles and the brilliant arrangement by Dave. It is my favourite song of the album including the witty lyrics: “Give love a rest, between my ex, and my next”. On song two “You Look Good” Charles’ raspy voice is on full display and is a nice contrast to song one.
“This City” will be a hit on tour since you can apply it to every city in the world. It is about when in love the city looks much better or different. “Good Time To Be Alive” and “Think About You” are two up-tempo country songs about loving life and love. Two typical country themes 🙂
The last title of the 13 songs record “Famous” is a beautiful ballade with critical lyrics about the music industry and the way it treats young girls. Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse are good examples. It is not easy to be famous and they put in words what loads of people think.
I listened to the record on a drive which took me just a little over an hour and it was perfect for it. Naturally if you nurse a heartbreak it is the right album for you too. It gives you strength to get over him or her and go out and have a little fun – maybe at their concert.. They are on a big US tour right now until October. Lady A are heading to Europe as well. Dates in Amsterdam, Ireland, the UK and even South Africa are already announced. I hope they decide to extend their tour to Switzerland, Germany or Austria. For ticket info please visit:
Let me know what you think of the new record in the comments below.



Concrete and Gold by Foo Fighters

Finally after a two year hiatus the Foo Fighters are back. On June 19th Dave Grohl spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac prior to the bands headlining performance on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage on Saturday. He announced the release of a new album called Concrete and Gold on September 15th – this year!
He revealed that the band had been in the studio for the last 6 months and as hard as it was had to keep it a secret. The bands lead guitarist and singer seemed relieved to finally be able to talk about it. He called it:

The biggest sounding Foo Fighters record we’ve ever made

They’ve been working with Greg Kurstin and were trying to make a record that sounded like Motörhead when they did Sgt. Peppers. The album will feature 11 songs of which some might surprise the fans according to Dave Grohl but he says that he is extremely proud of the record so much so that he cannot wait for people to hear it and to play it for them.
During the interview it was revealed that Concrete and Gold was recorded in the studio right next to where Queens of the Stone Age recorded their new one. This lead to the two bands listening to each others records and Grohl states that he believes:

Rock and Roll is alive and well. Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age should take over the world together!

He then goes into details. The first song is called T-Shirt and apparently it will blow our minds. So Dave Grohl issues a warning: Do not drive while listening to it for the first time. There’s a song called “Run” and “Make it right” plus many guest artists one of which is the biggest pop star in the world right now states Grohl. On their homepage you can pre-order Concrete and Gold and all 11 songs are named.
These sneak peeks make us wish that it was already September! For all those who cannot wait the Foo Fighters are touring at the moment. They have a few dates across Europe and Asia. After the release the band goes on a huge US tour in October which tickets will be available soon. If you have the chance go see them!
This blog post about the Foo Fighters gives me also the chance to introduce to you this amazing music documentary directed by Dave Grohl called Sound City. It’s about the record studio where Fleetwood Mac and Nirvana created their masterpieces. Thanks to Dave’s charm and humour it is a beautiful movie any music lover would want to see. (Yes, I might have a crush on Dave Grohl because of it! ;-)) Follow this link: Sound City Documentary to watch it.



Witness by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s fifth studio album will be released on June 9, 2017 – THIS COMING FRIDAY!
We were already graced with 3 singles of the album. She first released “Chained to the rhythm” this February with a super cute lyrics video including a hamster cooking dinner or watching TV. I have to admit that the song had to grow on me but now I love it and it’s been one of my favourite tracks on the radio. My work colleague would agree 🙂              The video “Bon Appétit” where Katy gets cooked and served like food hit our TVs end of April. It’s well worth watching! Finally “Swish Swish” is a collaboration with Nicki Minaj.
The album has another 12 tracks in the standard version lined up for you. They’re all written by Katy Perry herself which is the reason why they are all very personal. She appeared just recently on James Cordon’s Carpool Careoke where she sang a few of the old songs but introduced the new tracks too. She also spoke about her beef with Taylor Swift. It’s a great watch! See Youtube link below.
On Sunday she performed at the One Love Manchester benefit concert and held a moving speech. If you want to know more please read my other post One Love Manchester.
After a long wait Katy Perry finally announced her new “Witness” tour. General tickets go on sale this Friday. For her Zurich stop on June 1 at the Hallenstadion Ticketcorner friends & member are able to buy their tickets on Thursday 8am, for non-members Friday 10am. For all other countries see the dates below.
May, 23 Köln
May, 24 Antwerp
May, 26 Amsterdam
May, 29 Paris
June, 1 Zurich
June, 2 Bologna
June, 4 Wien
June, 6 Berlin
June, 8 Copenhagen
June, 10 Stockholm
June, 14 London
June, 18 Birmingham
June, 19 Sheffield
June, 21 Liverpool
June, 22 Manchester
June, 24 Glasgow
June, 25 Newcastle
For the complete US tour visit:





Roswell by Marteria

Marteria is a German rap artist I have been following since his biggest success “Lila Wolken” in 2012. I’ve attached the youtube video below. At first you think what a funny title “purple clouds” sounds like unicorns and storybrooke world but it’s a feel good song about partying with friends. And then this baritone voice comes on and you think holy smokes who is this?! Does he look like he sounds? To all my female readers: Yes, he does!
But he is not only easy on the eye, he is an incredible songwriter and live artist! If you speak German and closely listen to his lyrics you will find that they are very sophisticated sometimes even philosophical!
His newest LP “Roswell” was released on 26th March 2017 and holds 12 unique songs. He named the album after an UFO incident in a town called Roswell in New Mexico. In 1947 it was reported that unknown object fell out of the sky. This title suits Marteria since his Alter Ego is an alien called Marsimoto.
His current single of the album is called “Das Geld muss weg”, the money has to go. It critizes our society and how we handle money in an ironic way. His rhymes are incredible and very well thought-out. If you want to have a listen, watch the youtube video below.
“Cadillac”, “Aliens”, “Scotty beam mich hoch”, “El Presidente” will be incredible to see live. They’ve got catchy tunes and are great for a singalong. “Elfenbein” with Yasha and Ms. Platinum is a powerful song about our world that we have to live in. I recommend to anyone to have a close listen what this artist has to say.
Finally, I personally cannot wait to see him live. He will be performing at festivals this summer and will start his head-lining tour in December 2017. He is amazing live and puts on a show like you’ve never seen before. At my first gig I was in for quite a few surprises which I won’t tell you now because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for all the first time listeners.
Marteria Live:
09.12.17 Samsung Hall
02. – 05.06.17 Rock in Vienna
24. – 25.06.17 Wireless Festival Germany
06.07.17 Openair Frauenfeld
15.07.17 Gurtenfestival Bern
09. – 16.08.17 Sziget Festival Budapest
09. – 10.09.17 Lollapalooza Berlin