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New Music: Collective Order Vol. 2

I’ve never posted anything about this music style: Jazz. So this is something very special to me. Since I want to support any music I’m proud to introduce to you Collective Order. A few weeks ago I watched an amazing performance by Justin Nozuka and his four piece band. The drummer Jon turned out to be part of this amazing Jazz project.
The name “Collective Order” is perfect because it really is a collective order of songs and brilliant musicians just jamming out. On their 2nd album we can enjoy 12 unique songs. Let me start of by saying that I’m a newbie at Jazz. I know Jamie Cullum and Naturally 7 but that’s about it. So I started listening to the album with a fresh view and an open mind.
I quickly started to enjoy it! The first song “Laniakea” is a perfect start to the record. It is super lively and I immediately got a good feeling about the album and about me reviewing a jazz album. “Space Jam” follows and it starts slow but then the drums set in and it turns out to be a very pleasant song. For the 2rd song they got the sax out! πŸ™‚ I love this instrument so this song is brilliant. By then I was starting to wonder if there were any lyrics in a song so in song 4 I got an answer: There was!
So Jazz is not only “Shubidoo woop” we got proper lyrics and an amazing singer on this record. We actually have it all! Drums, Sax, piano, trumpets and many many more. Song 5 is super special first it drops and then it goes completely wild. I gotta say I’ve never listened so carefully to each instrument on an album. Then I started to dance with number 6. “Open Wide” has a brazilian touch I think. You know the movie Eat Pray Love? That song Javier Bardem listens to when he nearly ran over Julia Roberts sounds very similar.
From summer to winter: “Outside my Window” reminds of Christmas πŸ™‚ It’s perfect for a winter day when the snow is falling and you are snuggled up in your warm bed. Song 10 – WOW – so special! It’s starts like the song in the musical in Chicago. A woman and a man are whispering words at the beginning but then it turns out to be a beautiful song. I enjoyed the last song “Millionaires” since it reminded me a bit of Amy Winehouse. Just a beautiful Jazz song!
Guys, if you are never listened to a Jazz album before this is your chance! You can listen to it on Soundcloud. I definitely recommend this record to anyone. I want to thank Jon for introducing me to this amazing music and to this great genre! Have a look on all about Jazz to see a few photos of the musicians.
I would love to know your opinion of this amazing album. Please leave your comment below.

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  1. Jazz was never something I was actually particularly fond of and this has nothing to do with the music itself. It simply never occured to me, to listen to it. I never had a connection or – for the lack of a better word – a reason to listen to it. And I never would have guessed you to be a Jazz fan either, so I was quite suprised when Instagram informed me about your review on a Jazz album. After reading the review, which is again so very passionate and full of joy (I love that about your reviews) I realized, that I wasn’t wrong with my guess, that you aren’t or better: weren’t much involved with Jazz music. I love it, that you are so open minded about music in general. You don’t stick to your favourite genre and refuse to listen to anything else. This is simply amazing.
    I will definitely listen into some of their songs! Maybe I will find myself to be a Jazz groupie ;D

    1. Aww I love your comments! They always bring joy and motivation 🎢🌸 I think it’s a very underrated genre and more young people should start listening to it. You always think of lobby music but it’s so much more and this band showed how amazing it could be. πŸ˜„
      Openmindedness is a priority for this blog 😍 thank you for pointing it out to me
      Next time we see each other I can play some songs of them
      Xx Nina

      1. Aaaw you are the cutest <3
        True! Everytime I pictured Jazz music it was in a club in New Orleans with cigar smoke lingering in the air and older men playing sax on the stage! (we should go to New Orleans together, by the way. I bet it'd be a lot of fun!) It's lovely to see that there is a younger generation keeping this genre alive!
        You definitely need to play some of their songs to me πŸ˜€

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