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Artists2watch: Romance & Rebellion


According to their website Romance & Rebellion was established in 2015 in LA where five men came together under one principle:

The Song is King

That’s why this band is formed of songwriters who can actually write their own music and play it live. David LaViola, Aaron Medina, Aleksandr Landsberger, Kyle Jordan Mueller and Brandon Davis started working on their sound in LA’s hipster area. During the last two years they gathered quite a fan base thanks to social media and live performances.
My eyes first caught them on Instagram. They used my blog’s pink in many single pictures to create a huge picture when looked at together. See for yourself below or on their Instagram account @romanceandrebellion.

romanceandrebellion on Instagram

First Listen

I decided then to check them out on spotify. After the first few seconds of “More than friends” I knew I liked their sound. I continued listening to “Vanity Fair” and “The next best thing”. Their music is perfect for the summer. If you plan a day at the beach this is your tune! If I had to compare it to an existing band I would say they come closest to the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer.. Although “The James Hotel” sounds a lot like Panic! at the Disco which used to be one of my favourite bands!
R&R are not just rock pop and loud guitars. They also have a slow songs one is called “Empty space” which is perfect for your first school dance or a prom night. “Thanks for the Memories” is one cheeky song. It sounds super innocent with this accoustic guitar and the lovely velvety voice but only if you listen closely to the lyrics you actually realise how forward this song really is πŸ™‚
If you are more of a visual person you can also check them out on YouTube: R&R on YouTube. Here’s their newest video “The Next Best Thing”

Themes and band name

Generally speaking the themes of Romance & Rebellion are beautiful women and young love which makes their band name perfect. It sums up what their music is about. The double R’s are ideal for a short name R&R which you will be able to keep in mind. Additionally their logo is beautiful in black and white including a pompous crown.



This guarantees that teenagers all over the world are going to love their music. I genuinly hope that they get a supporting gig of someone huge in order to spread their music to people who weren’t aware of them or slowly create some buzz with small venue touring and then make it big. Unfortunately they have no live dates yet on their homepage but please watch this space for more info : Romance and Rebellion live
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