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Depeche Mode @ Stadion Letzigrund 18.06.17

Yesterday Depeche Mode brought their Global Spirit Tour to Zurich’s Stadion Letzigrund. The three british musicians – Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andew Fletcher – sold over 100 million records worldwide and are one of the most popular electronic bands ever.
So we spontineously decided to go see them live on a beautiful summer evening. Luckily we found tickets outside the stadium and first sat down where the posh seats are situated. Big mistake! The people around us were very arrogant and nitpicky. In the end we weren’t as close anymore but had the better audience and much more space to dance and sit.
One silly little crowd story I have to tell you because it’s so funny. This one guy didn’t look very drunk but apparently he was. He was seated in the middle of my sector and at some point he decided to go down to dance. With a beer in his hand he tried to walk down the stairs unfortunately he lost his balance pretty quickly und stumbled down. Amazingly he didn’t fall at all but his beer was empty when he arrived at the bottom. Poor guy! πŸ˜‰
At quarter past 8 the first synthie sounds echoed around the stadium. The next 60 minutes were filled with newer songs and they did have a good rhythm but weren’t spectacular so I decided to have a closer look and so I was able to walk easily almost to the front. The lead singer – Dave Gahan – has amazing charisma and his smile is adorable.
The second part of the concert was filled with hits and dancy songs. “Wrong” and “Enjoy the Silence” were my favourite because the whole stadium – 30000 people – started to dance and wave and sing thanks to Dave who stood in the midst of his fans and orchestrated us to his gusto. The show didn’t need any fireworks or a lot of light effects.
The 5 encore songs were mostly slow ones and showcased the beautiful voice of Martin Gore. The synthie pop band closed their show with one of their biggest hits “Personal Jesus” after two hours of pure joy written on everyone’s faces including the band.
I might not have been born yet when Depeche Mode hat their biggest hits but I had the best time at yesterday’s concert. Like Guns N’ Roses you could feel that they love what they do and they have been doing it successfully for years. It is like the say: Oldie but Goldie! πŸ™‚
Have you been to Depeche Mode at Letzigrund? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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