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A truly magical place: Caribana Festival with The Script

Early Saturday morning it was time to go on my last stop of my The Script tour. I was already tired but so excited to meet my girls of The Script family and to see our lads later that day. In addition to that I was looking forward to seeing the Caribana Festival for the first time.

Arriving waay to early at the venue turned out to be a brilliant idea. Because it was so warm we decided to have an ice cream and to go to the lake to put our feet in. This turned out to be a brilliant decision since we saw the lads boating. On our way back to the entrance of the festival we spotted Glen and Ben at the restaurant chillin so we made the decision to quickly wish them a nice show. Them being them they started speaking with us when Mark joined in. It was quite special to just have time to properly speak to these lovely Irish guys. They are so close to their The Script Family and I am sooo happy to be part of this. It is not just the lads that make it special it is the family members you meet. You wouldn’t believe how many good friends I’ve gained through this family πŸ™‚

The first band we listened to was Saint City Orchestra. They’re a band from St. Gallen doing Irish Punk music πŸ™‚ I loved their show and we had a great time Irish dancing. I also think they did a great job opening the festival. Not a lot of people were around but they made sure that we had a good time. Creating mosh pits and inviting people on stage to drink beer was so much fun!
2018-06-09 20.16.59
After this is it was time to take our spot in the front row at the main stage. First we saw Protoje & The Indiggnation a band from Jamaica bringing the Caribbean sounds to Caribana πŸ™‚ It was good fun and nice to dance to but after Irish dancing I was pretty tired and needed a break haha Thank God for those 45 mins in-between the acts!

At 21.40 Oscar and the Wolf took the stage. Being a bit ignorant I just went to the festival and I didn’t really get any info on other bands. So when Max Colombie came on stage I was very surprised. Firstly I was kinda making fun of him and his moves. Check out my Instagram stories to see what I mean πŸ™‚ But he quickly turned out to be pretty good. I was dancing and having a great time which I really didn’t expect at first! I will deffo check him out now and would see him again!
2018-06-10 00.27.52
Finally at 11.45 the Script took the stage and the energy blew my mind. I’ve been to Dublin, Amsterdam and Brussels but down here by the Lake Geneva it was smaller which I think made the difference. With “Superheroes” Danny started to jump around and the front row (including me :D) followed his lead. The people around me knew the lyrics pretty well. I was so surprised but I barely heard the lads singing. I loved it tho and we sang “Rock the World”! The energy rose another level or as Danny said it we would have blown the roof of the place as the first chords of “Paint the town green” started. It is my favourite song! Danny came down to us and for half a minute we were singing together while the green confetti came down. What a special moment!
2018-06-10 00.38.02
A beautiful quiet moment as always is when Danny sings “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” with us acapella and then Glen, Mark, Ben and Luke set in after the first verse to play it from the start. Love it! Time to sing some new songs from The Freedom Child album. “Wonders” is such a brilliant song and Mark’s part is just the best. The newest single “Arms Open” was next. Mark and Danny both took their acoustic guitar and we opened our arms to them. Glen saw it and half hugged us with one hand while the other one was playing his part of the song. How talented is he??!!
2018-06-10 00.27.31
Being at a festival means for most people to be drinking as well. So “Nothing” is the perfect song for this time. It’s about drunk dialing your ex and in the end all you got it Nooothing πŸ™‚ Everyone was yelling it back. I think it’s one of the lads favourite song haha “No Man is an Island” was next and being to so many shows I knew exactly the moves to do. Danny caught me doing the fish and shark moves and had to laugh and followed my lead πŸ™‚ And of course it was time to gather our bags because of the 8 steps left, 8 steps right movement.
2018-06-10 01.18.11
That afternoon I properly met Ben – the Bass player – for the first time. He’s so nice and as a joke I quickly put together a poster saying “Ben’s No 1 Fan”. During “For the First Time” I held it up and one of my concert buddies pointed to it. Ben saw it and burst into big laugh and so did we. That was just the funniest moment ever! πŸ˜€ As already mentioned the lads are so close to the fans even during the show. So Danny jumped into the crowd during “Energy Never Dies” and the front row started to get squashed which I motioned to Luke. While everyone was looking for Danny The Script Family members had a ball with Glen, Mark and Co. Everyone knows Mark loves to throw his picks around so I was pointing towards me and he did try to throw it to me however I didn’t catch one. I think  he needs to practice even more lol πŸ˜‰
2018-06-10 00.27.13
With Danny back on stage the “Rain” could start. Well thank God it was just the song and the weather remained absolutely stellar. I knew now that we are close to the end or more precise 1 song before the encore. It made me really sad since it was such a great gig but I didn’t have time to wallow! Trying to dance while getting squashed is pretty hard but I think we managed alright.
After a short break Luke and Ben came back on and one by one The Script came back too. There is really “No Good in Goodbye” and normally the light show to this song are incredible but because it was a festival they didn’t put up all their gear. I bet part of it was already on the way to Milano where they had a show the next day. “Breakeven” followed and the Caribana Festival crowd was still in full voice. I have to say it again the energy was incredible! The Script’s final song “Hall of Fame” is their most famous and gained them a lot of fans. They always ask us to put up our phones and turn the torch on. It always is an incredible sight. And finally they are blowing up not just one set of confettis but two.
Lastly Glen and Mark are throwing their picks and drum sticks into the crowd. I had to tell you I am a bit of a pro of catching the drum stick! πŸ™‚ This time I caught it for one of my concert buddies. After a final bow of the 5 lads it was time to say Goodbye. Luckily the Festival was so small that we met all of them again after the gig just before they left for Milano. Thank you lads for putting up such a great show and for being just so lovely and nice to your fans! It was one of the best days I’ve ever had. I got to spend the day listening to my favourite band with lovely people of the Script Family πŸ™‚
Have you been to Caribana Festival? Or did you see a show by The Script? Let me know in the comment below and share your experience with The Script Family.

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