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1 evening, 2 concerts: Snow Patrol and Travis

Thanks to my Irish luck I was a very busy woman on Wednesday! First I won two tix to see Snow Patrol at the Energy Live session at Kaufleuten and then I won 2 tix to see Travis at the opening night of the Unique Moments Festival at Landesmuseum. So I had to try and watch both gigs and it kinda worked out πŸ™‚
2018-06-06 21.31.05
With a very unfortunate 10 min delay Snow Patrol took the stage at 8.40 in a very hot Kaufleuten. First they sang “Chocolate”, “You’re all I have” and “Crack the shutters”. I’ve never seen them live and being in a small venue helps to properly watch them. The 4 lads are so passionate and love their music. Plus they are very humble and funny! Apparently there’s a club in Belfast that looks exactly like Kaufleuten so Gary Lightbody said:

I think we’re in a time warp!

I wish we were! But unfortunately I knew that I would miss the last song of this gig and a few of Travis’ first. This did not make me enjoy the next few songs any less. Finally the first song from their newest record Wildness was “Empress”. It sounded very good but I loved what they did with their current single “Don’t Give In”. Firstly Gary Lightbody played and sang the song only with his guitar and in a much slower tempo then it picked up and it ended up in the normal version we now. I enjoyed that a lot!

“Run” followed and I just love their version! But I do still hear Leona Lewis screaming in the back ground haha. Another one from their new record was “Heal Me” and I love the rhythm of it! I think this could be my favourite – especially live. It’s a perfect song to get the crowd going. “Shut your Eyes” was next and finally the song everyone knew came on: “Chasing Cars”. It was super special to hear it live and to me it’s even better! But unfortunately this meant that we had to leave the gig now. The last song “Just say yes” sounded great as we made our way to the back.

After a short Uber ride (the first driver cancelled our trip – you are an a*** – I’m not gonna name any names) we arrived at the next venue. Now we had to look for the entry to the Landesmuseum. We heard a few beats and then the music stopped. I was afraid that it was already the encore! Luckily after another short run/walk we made it to the Unique Moments Festival with Travis. What a magical place! It looked like a castle in which the stage was set.
2018-06-06 22.05.17
At 9.30 we already missed 11 songs including “Why does it always rain on me?”. But we had another hour and 10 mins which we enjoyed a lot! First song we heard was “Love will come through”. It was a very relaxed atmosphere on balmy summer night. What I didn’t know is how funny Fran – the lead singer – is. He told a lot of stories which I always enjoy at a gig. One story was that he sang in front of Liam Gallagher who at that time was one part of the legendary Oasis. Liam ended up crying because he sang so beautifully! How funny! The set continued with “Last Train”, “Good Feeling” and “Side”. A lot of the songs you kinda know even if you aren’t Travis’ super fan πŸ™‚
2018-06-06 22.07.39
Fran in true Scottish manner wore a Kilt which at first I thought were just shorts! haha As the evening wore on I started to cool down and relax. Travis’ songs are perfect for that but they can party and dance as well which they showed in the later stage of their set. “Re-Offender” was next and because I didn’t know the songs so well I was able to do a live video on my Instagram account. I also made a very special follower of mine happy when I video chatted with her during the gig so she could listen.
2018-06-06 22.14.12
I really don’t know why I know “Closer” but I do and I had a great time listening to it live! Nothing beats live music πŸ™‚ “My Eyes” and “Flowers in the Window” were next and my crazy concert buddy from Loads of Music decided to go down to the standing area to enjoy the last part of the gig. When we got down for “All I want to do is rock” I was amazed and annoyed by how many people were chatting loudly. I would expect this from the seating area but down here with the fans, seriously? And then “Sing” came on! Everyone sang along and to me it was a magical moment in a unique setting. I’m very thankful for all the opportunities I get. Thank you Energy Radio and Starticket!
Fran then started to speak about live music. He thanked us for coming and for buying tickets because without us people like him wouldn’t be able to do what they loved and continue to do it. Supporting live music is a big thing especially these days when music can be easily accessed through streaming. I still love records and I am starting my own vinyl collection. There is something about a record that iTunes or Spotify cannot give you in my opinion. In addition to this if you meet the band you have something to sign! πŸ™‚
2018-06-06 23.07.45
Travis left the stage now for the real encore only to come on stage to tell us another story about a festival Radio 1 organizes. Thanks to a silly jam session we got to hear the next cover. Travis a Scottish rock band covers the Pop Princess Britney Spears. Everyone laughed but sang as loudly as they can “…Baby One More Time”! Lastly the perfect song to end this set “Happy” with the following lyrics:

I’m so happy ’cause you’re so happy!

I loved it and was dancing along with everyone else. Slowly rain drops were falling on my head πŸ˜‰ However we did have a stroll around the venue and found the top 100 record collection corner with all the legendary records. Great idea! As we headed to the train station the rain started to pour down and we all thought:

Why does it always rain on me?

Have you seen Travis live? Yes? Then let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚

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  1. You might want to read the review about Travis and the rain πŸ˜‰ I have seen both Snow Patrol and Travis live – both at Gurtenfestival. Not the whole show of Travis though. But I loved what I’ve seen and have very fond memories esp. of the Snow Patrol concert. Can’t wait to see them in January at Samsung Hall.

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