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A walk down memory lane with Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton

In April this year I spent 6 days in Wilmington aka Tree Hill – a dream came true. While I was traveling back I heard the news about Tyler Hilton’s & Kate Voegele’s summer tour abroad. I couldn’t have been any happier! πŸ™‚ So on Friday the 13th I got to see Chris Keller and Mia Catalano again thanks to Good News who brought them back to Dynamo.

I bought a Meet and Greet ticket so at 6 o’clock I was waiting in the summer heat to see the two amazing musicians again. I brought very special pieces of paper with me – a so called day-to-days – which I got from a tour in Wilmington. When Kate spotted it she said “Oh my God I haven’t seen one of those in ages”. For all of you who don’t know the series One Tree Hill you should deffo check it out. It’s a series where music plays a big role and it is one of the reasons why I follow my dream and started this blog. Those meet n greets are always too short… but luckily we got to hear an acoustic song from the upcoming album of Tyler Hilton.
2018-07-13 19.52.40
Just a little while later Jablonsky took the stage and sang a few slow songs on the key board. Unfortunately she couldn’t bring her band but she did well on her own. She also revealed that she’ll be supporting Kate and Tyler later on.

Brian Mackey was the second support and let me tell you guys he is super funny! Even his songs are hilarious so if you see he’s got a gig near you – check him out!! So the first song was about how much he hates Florida πŸ˜€ It went on with a song about an ex-girlfriend who’s just white trash and a state that he really likes called Tennessee πŸ™‚ It was just a super funny set especially when I was called the cup lady because I offered him my empty cup to put his chewing gum in. As a thank you he threw me a pick and I caught it one handedly. So he said:

Good catch! Well you’re a good catch!

Haha thank you! But if you belong to the Script Family you gotta be good at catching picks. So Mark thank you for making me a good catch πŸ˜€
Just a little while later Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton took the stage with “Overtime”. The harmonies were amazing and I seriously thought I was back in Wilmington at Tric. Tric has the same brick walls as Dynamo and I just felt I was in an episode of One Tree Hill just with a little less drama involved LOL
2018-07-13 21.19.31
It was time for Kate to leave us with Tyler alone on stage. They were joking that this must be the smallest door they’ve ever seen going backstage. Did it lead them to Narnia? Well Kate was about to find out as she was going through the magic door. Who doesn’t know the next song it has Chris Keller aka Tyler Hilton written all over it. “Loaded Gun” has to be one of my favs! Tyler Hilton is such an amazing and talented guitar player and singer. His voice is just the right kind of raspy and in addition to this he is funny and charming.

With “Jenny” he fulfilled an audience request. We then got to hear another song called “City on fire” from his upcoming record. I was like hold on… Gavin DeGraw – another member of the OTH family – has a similar song called “She sets the city on fire”. I had to smile but the two songs have nothing in common but both are great! πŸ™‚ His last solo song “Don’t forget all your clothes” went by way too quickly since I was still fascinated by him and his voice.
2018-07-13 21.08.49
But Kate came back from Narnia and her ride on a unicorn. Together they dedicated the next song “This is where my heart breaks” to their tour manager Oliver who’s had his heart broken on Wednesday like me when England were thrown out of the World Cup. Now it was time for Tyler to have his ride to Narnia.
So Kate said you might have heard of a show called One Tree Hill and the noise level went through the roof. The next song “No Good” was big in the show and I bet it gave everyone a throwback. I just loved hearing her sing it live and literally in front of me. The guitars were put aside and a club beat came on. Her newest single “Shoot this arrow” is super modern and quite different to what she was doing before. Very refreshing! The set went on with “Free and Wild”, “Sweet silver lining” and “Sandcastles”.

For the last two songs Tyler Hilton joined Kate Voegele again. One of my favourite songs from the show was performed next and I could have listened to it again and again and again. “When the Stars go Blue” – what a tune! The whole dynamo sang along and it was a great atmosphere! But it got even better for the Encore song. Literally everyone sang “Hallelujah” with Kate which made Tyler smile. It gave me goosebumps – our little fan choir and their harmonies on stage were on point and brilliant finish to a lovely evening with a lot of memories and new found friends.
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  1. Aaaaaw this is so amazing! I loved OTH! And the songs in the show always moved me so much! The next time the two are in Europe I have to go and see them! πŸ’•
    Thanks again for such a great review!

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