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Behind the scenes of Saint City Orchestra

You probably already read about Saint City Orchestra in Caribana Festival review. But now I can properly introduce you to them! They were nice enough to invite me to their gig at the Rock the Ring and let me tell you it was an amazing experience and I am so grateful!

At 12 o’clock I met the 5 lads of Saint City Orchestra: Sandro, Gabriel, Jerome, Marcel and Till. They’ve already done an interview with Radio Zürisee and were now waiting to set up their equipment for their 3.30 gig. One thing was already clear. Rockstars cannot sleep in! After a quick introduction I was quickly emerged into the group which made it easy to get to know them. They are all working day-to-day jobs while playing gigs at the weekend. I wonder how they get all that energy. Going to gigs, working and writing my blog already takes a toll on me but I can only imagine how playing a gig must be.
But thanks to all those gigs Saint City Orchestra are now able to record their first album which will be released at the end of the year. Their music is influenced by Irish folk rock music since this is how it all started. Sandro – the lead singer – got asked to play the Irish Rock Night but didn’t have a band. However this wasn’t a problem as well as finding their musical style. Some would describe it as Irish punk rock but I’d say it’s amazing feel good rock music that you can sing a long to at festivals or in pubs.
What do you do before a gig? I found out that it is mostly waiting until it’s your turn to set up. After a bit of lunch, a quick nap or just a bit of relaxing it suddenly was time to unload the bus. It was my first time on such a huge stage and I was very impressed. While Saint City Orchestra had their tiny spot the roadies of The Darkness and Santana were setting up their thing. The crew of Santana were also sound checking and luckily they finished early and cleared the stage for us!
Around an hour before their set started Saint City Orchestra were able to get the stage ready and to do a quick sound check. The doors opened at 3 and all you could hope was that people would come in early and quickly to see the lads. Slowly people started walking in.

K: Are you getting nervous before a concert?
S&G: Depends on the gig!

The time was running now! After a quick heads together the lads were announced and the gig started! I was soaking everything in and I loved watching them by the side of the stage. I think this is my favourite spot ever – I could get used to this! I was super busy taking pics and doing stories for my Instagram account because this is such a different perspective than my usual one 🙂 Backstage during a show it is almost as busy as on stage. Making sure that the musicians are able to play their best show is a huge task and I admire every roadie! They need to react as quickly as possible on just a hint of a musician and they need to be on top of everything. So well done to you guys! 🙂

The crowd were curious I could tell and Saint City Orchestra started with “Drunken Lullaby” and “Jailhouse Jig”. At first the people were looking and listening and slowly slowly they started clapping and whipping along. However I do think that at the Caribana Festival people were quicker to respond and dance. I admire the lads. They go out on stage and don’t know what to expect. They pour their hearts and souls into this gig and music but people might not be interested. This is what I call courageous!
2018-06-23 16.23.08
During “What’s left of the flag” 5 people from the crowd were allowed on stage to party with the lads and to wave their huge Saint City Orchestra Flag. They were able to stay on stage for the rest of the set which made for a lively performance. But also Gabriel – on accordion – and Till – on violin – were jumping around and trying to get the crowd going. Mäsi – on what he calls cajon and what I call box 😀 – did a brilliant job. It is one of my fav instruments! But obviously it’s all about that bass 😉 played by Jerome. “Hairy Grizzly”, “Ballad of a haunted soul” and “A Toast” were next. I was completely focused on getting great pics and watching them to write a great review that the time flew by.

“Rebels” of the Sacred Heart”, “Firkin-Jumping Lovers” and “Knights & Thieves” rounded off the set and their 45min slot. Everyone was happy but the stage manager was quick to point out that everything needs to be taken off now! The Darkness needed to be able to set up their stage. The lads were so nice and asked me how I liked it but obviously I loved it! It was just an amazing experience I will never forget! More importantly was how they liked it and they were all satisfied and were okay with how the people reacted. The day wasn’t over though! Time to head to the Merch stand and speak to their fans.
2018-06-23 16.14.34
More work was waiting for them. 2 interviews were scheduled right after the merch sale. Luckily we were able to have a quick peek at the Darkness. (Side note: WHAT A ROCKSTAR!?) I was sitting beside Saint City Orchestra and was listening in. It was quite funny to see someone else interview a band who speak non stop and over each other. Both sides were managing quite well! 🙂 After 6 hours with the band the official part was over and the lads and me were able to enjoy the other bands, meet up with friends or watch some footy and chill. Seeing stars like Santana and playing on the same stage as them must be the perks of spending every weekend away from their families. In addition to those funny little stories you get backstage bumping into random people and then you realise oh they are actually on stage right now!
2018-06-23 16.15.02
Lastly I want to say thank you to Sandro, Gabriel, Jerome, Mäsi and Till for having Kekoas Korner with them and making me feel part of their amazing musical journey which I hope will continue for a long time. Also thank you to Jana and Silvan from 36zweientertainment for making this incredible day possible!
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