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New Music: Concrete and Gold by Foo Fighters

Finally after a two year hiatus the Foo Fighters are back. On June 19th Dave Grohl spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac prior to the bands headlining performance on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage on Saturday. He announced the release of a new album called Concrete and Gold on September 15th – this year!
He revealed that the band had been in the studio for the last 6 months and as hard as it was had to keep it a secret. The bands lead guitarist and singer seemed relieved to finally be able to talk about it. He called it:

The biggest sounding Foo Fighters record we’ve ever made

They’ve been working with Greg Kurstin and were trying to make a record that sounded like Motörhead when they did Sgt. Peppers. The album will feature 11 songs of which some might surprise the fans according to Dave Grohl but he says that he is extremely proud of the record so much so that he cannot wait for people to hear it and to play it for them.
During the interview it was revealed that Concrete and Gold was recorded in the studio right next to where Queens of the Stone Age recorded their new one. This lead to the two bands listening to each others records and Grohl states that he believes:

Rock and Roll is alive and well. Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age should take over the world together!

He then goes into details. The first song is called T-Shirt and apparently it will blow our minds. So Dave Grohl issues a warning: Do not drive while listening to it for the first time. There’s a song called “Run” and “Make it right” plus many guest artists one of which is the biggest pop star in the world right now states Grohl. On their homepage you can pre-order Concrete and Gold and all 11 songs are named.
These sneak peeks make us wish that it was already September! For all those who cannot wait the Foo Fighters are touring at the moment. They have a few dates across Europe and Asia. After the release the band goes on a huge US tour in October which tickets will be available soon. If you have the chance go see them!
This blog post about the Foo Fighters gives me also the chance to introduce to you this amazing music documentary directed by Dave Grohl called Sound City. It’s about the record studio where Fleetwood Mac and Nirvana created their masterpieces. Thanks to Dave’s charm and humour it is a beautiful movie any music lover would want to see. (Yes, I might have a crush on Dave Grohl because of it! ;-)) Follow this link: Sound City Documentary to watch it.


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