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HAIM: Monday is flirt day

Thanks to the Gadget Golden pass I won over Christmas I had the freedom to finally see HAIM. I’ve heard sooo many good things about the 3 sisters and I know that Este Haim is sooo funny so I decided that I had to see them.

The girls invited Grace Carter to join them on their Sister Sister Sister tour and that was a very wise decision. She is an awesome singer and a great opener. She sang “Silhouette”, “Saving Grace” and “Ashes”. I was a fan already and somehow I thought I knew her but I couldn’t place my finger on it. But the most fun and the best atmosphere she created with  “Silence”. People clapped along and started to dance even more. I will deffo keep following her and would love to see some more πŸ™‚
2018-06-04 22.03.05
At 9.20 (so late!) the lights went off and the red stage lights went on. A drum beat started and one by one Alana, Danielle and Este took the stage at X-Tra. The energy came through already. People started dancing and clapping. I was amazed. I spent the whole first two songs “Falling” and “Don’t Save Me” watching them. They switched between singing, playing the keys, guitars etc. You could really see that they feel the music – especially Este. Her face tells you the whole story of a song.

2018-06-04 22.58.59
After two songs I could already tell that they are the perfect festival band! I wanted to take off my shoes and just sway and jump to the rhythm! Speaking of festivals what I find incredible is that they are headlining Glastonbury, Coachella etc. but they only play X-tra in Switzerland and it isn’t even sold out. Plus if you mention HAIM in Switzerland everyone looks at you like you’re from the moon. It’s a pity but they’ve won me and my concert buddy within the first few minutes. A brilliant good vibes songs is “Little of your love” which contrasts the next song where Este sings lead. It is a super modern and aggressive song and I immediately liked it. And the Swiss audience managed to sing a long to “Song 5” which brought a smile onto Danielle’s face.

The sisters are so very talented musicians and their songs are brilliant to singalong to. Especially “Ready for you”. But like I said they are also funny. So they said:

A: What day is today? Oh Monday. I hate Monday’s.
D: But now we’re here so let’s start the week off right.
E: Monday’s are here to flirt. I like to flirt.

Then someone shouted something and Este was like “Ohh I like you. And you got a Pepsi shirt on. I love Pepsi – but light. Hey, we can work on that”. I couldn’t stop laughing! I loved the way they told stories and all three of them spoke their minds. It was a very lively show which continued with “You Never Knew”. I bet you’ve heard of “Want You back” before. It is such a familiar song. To me it represent the perfect festival song. I can picture myself with flowers in my hair and barefoot dancing and singing to it. “Walking Away” and “Nothing’s Away” followed.

Before the next song the sisters told us the story how this song became what it is today. Alana said she really really liked that song but it wasn’t right and she wanted it to make it perfect so the others would come on board. So finally she played the first three seconds and everyone knew exactly which song it was. She said those beats made it to what it is. Now Este said “Well hold on I play the bass on it and without it wouldn’t be a hit”. Danielle went on and said “I sped the song up and you know that this is songwriter 101”.

Alana: Let’s just play the f**** song

And so they played “Forever” and “The Wire” came next before they left the stage for the encore.
2018-06-04 23.07.19
From their 2nd album “Something to tell you” which was release last year they played “Found it in silence” and it resonated pretty well with the audience. I love those smaller gigs because the people that are there really came for the band and know the lyrics and are ready to dance. After around 90mins Alana, Danielle and Este finished a brilliant show with “Right Now”. They turned me into a fan and I am looking forward to seeing them again! Check out the highlights on my Instagram account by clicking here.
Have you been to a HAIM gig or a festival they played at? Let me know your story in the comments below.

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