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Nena's Family Affair

Nena has been around for ages and is still well known to everyone – especially since she did Sing meinen Song last year. That’s why the Volkshaus’ audience was very divers – Young children with their parents, girls night out or couples enjoying a date night. The sold out Volkshaus was boiling when I walked in to see the support Crimer.
2018-05-11 20.37.52
Very Swiss – on time – Crimer started with his mixture of Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys. His dance moves are just incredible and because he was such a fitting support the audience was actually enjoying him and it was already a good atmosphere! I was very happy for him.
2018-05-11 21.46.21
Just a little after 9 Nena and her 9 musicians took the stage to an already loud cheer of the audience. She started with “Indianer” and “Ganz oben”. I already realized that this crowd knows the lyrics very well and with “Nur getrรคumt” I even joined in. Lots of people were already standing and dancing to “Tanz auf dem Vulkan” and “Lass mich dein Pirat sein”. Nena continued her set with songs all the way throughout her career. “Einmal ist keinmal”, “Rette mich” and “Kleine Taschenlampe brenn” was next. This was one of my favourite moments when the people took out their phone and swayed to the song.
2018-05-11 22.22.02
Nena left the stage and it took a bit longer than expected. Suddenly we heard screams in the audience. It turned out that Nena has a B-stage in the middle of the standing audience. Unfortunately we didn’t see anything because it was right under our balcony. On a small stage Nena played the guitar and had 3 other musicians with her to sing “Es regnet”, “Ich hรคng an dir”, “Das alte Lied” and “Es wird schon weitergehen”.

With “Noch einmal” Nena returned to the main stage and we were able to see her again. She continued with “Famous flavour”, “Berufsjugendlich” – LOVE THE SONG – and “Du kennst die Liebe nicht”. Nena had a lovely mix of slow and dancy songs. I loved the fact that we had always something to look at. I’m going to be honest I didn’t know a lot of songs but still I enjoyed seeing everyone else around me enjoying themselves and singing along. It was so much fun looking at the audience!

Up next was “Das weisse Schiff”, “In meinem Leben”, “Vollmond” and “Schicksal”. Nena told us now that we had a choice of two songs: “Liebe ist” and “Be my rebel”. So she had a listen which song had the louder cheer and then decided that we do them both ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it. She really wanted to please her audience and sing each and every song. Another beautiful song was “Wunder geschehen”. For the next song I really hoped that Nena would invite Seven on stage. He really did an amazing job singing “99 Luftballons” during the Sing meinen Song show. But unfortunately he didn’t pop up. However I enjoyed the song anyway. Obviously Nena had some huge balloons with her and the audience were playing with them.
2018-05-11 23.08.02
She gathered up the band and said her first goodbye. After a long wait Nena came back on stage with “Genau Jetzt”, “Old School” and “Willst du mit mir gehn”. 3 Encores are a lot and two hours are a lot of concert for 70 francs. However we weren’t done yet. The energy of this woman doesn’t die that quickly. So after another quick costume change the band and Nena came back on stage to sing “Irgendwie, Irgendwo, irgendwann”. Literally everyone knew the song and was singing along. Nena finished her two hour and 10 min set with “Ich bin immer noch hier” and she really is still here!
2018-05-11 23.13.41
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7 thoughts on “Nena's Family Affair”

  1. Niiiinaaaaa went to see Neeenaaaaa! ;D
    I didn’t even know she was on tour again. I saw her ages ago at the Hallenstadion in Zurich and I didn’t like it. I lover her song, I truly do. The music, the lyrics, they are really great! And I love to listen to them and sing along. But I don’t think that woman can actually sing live. It was really, really bad and I was quite disappointed afterwards.
    But you are right, that woman has power! Which is quite impressive!

    1. Hahahaha good one!! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Haha maybe it was that.. Now after a few others gigs I realised that she mumbled and didn’t really sing properly.. So maybe your theory is correct haha
      Xx thank you as always for your comments!

    2. The DVD of her concert (10 years ago) paints a picture of a vibrant Nena who sings gorgeously. I look forward to hearing her new album. I wish I could fly to Europe for one of her 2020 concerts.

  2. Thank you for your review. It seems the concert you saw pretty much follows her Nur Getrรคumt DVD/CD which was shot live in Dortmund.

    I am an A2 German learner and I I’m using her music to help me learn vocabulary, context, and oral comprehension. I started a Reddit sub that documents my progress. Anyone who loves Nena and who wants to practice intermediate German can join it at

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