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Arcade Fire's Everything Now !

Arcade Fire are coming back to Switzerland. This fact might come as a surprise to us. For years they’ve been avoiding our country because we have the worst fans at gigs. And you know I must admit that the Swiss audience is very hard to crack. However if you work hard and show your appreciation and you if you are really that talented you will find that the Swiss audience can be one of the most loyal audience – Just ask Naturally 7 or Anastacia!

So no hard feelings here. Let me give you some back ground about Arcade Fire. They’re a Canadian Indie rock band currently formed of wife Régine Chassagne and Husband Win Butler, Win’s brother William Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury and Jeremy Gara. After four years and a change of record companies Arcade Fire released their firth studio „Everything now“. In March they released two new songs „Put your Money on Me“ and „We don’t derserve Love“ which I found in an acoustic version recorded for the BBC.

They have a super special sound, no? I bet they have an energetic live performance and a passionate musicians doing what they love. However I’ve heard that Win Butler described Everything Now as their worst album. So I have to show you at least one older song to make sure you get the full picture. Here’s the title track of their 4th album Reflektor:

Like what you hear? Good! For Kekoas Korner’s one year anniversary I’m able to give away two tickets to the concert at Hallenstadion on June, 13th 2018 organised by abc production! It’s very easy to participate just head over to my Instagram page. Good luck! 🙂

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