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Alina Amuri's Chasing Traces

Alina Amuri is a Swiss singer with Congolese roots who’s been known for her soulful voice. She finally released her 2nd album “Chasing Traces last week and I just had a listen to it.
“Won’t Cope with it” sounds like the perfect song for a rainy night in September. It starts very chilled and then the beat drops. I really really love the rhythm! And obviously the beautiful voice of Alina Amuri makes it to a perfect track to be No. 1 on the album. The very international sound continues with “Water” and “Pioneers”. The sound kinda reminds me of Erykah Badu who I adore. After three tracks there’s a short Interlude called “A long Time”. It kinda has a gospel sound and has a rich sound. What a contrast the next song is. “Giving up on you” has a rock feel and the electric guitar is very prominent.

After a quick adventure into the synthie rock genre Alina Amuri is back into the chill music area with “On my way” and “Free”. She has such a beautiful peaceful voice it is a pleasure to listen to her music. I think she’d be perfect for all the Jazz music festivals around the world. Chasing Traces represents the modern version of Jazz mixed with soul and reggae elements. The rhythm and Alina Amuri’s voice in “Don’t” transports a very intense feeling – it is hard to describe. So you better listen to it and buy it here.

Alina Amuri “Chasing Traces”

The title track “Chasing Traces” is a very cute slow ballade. Now it’s time to dance with “Move slowly”. Sounds funny I know but this song won’t make you move slowly. It makes you want to dance and I really love the feature of Walter Esposito on the track. He helped Alina Amuri on the songwriting for the record and it is a perfect addition on this track. I just love that track! I think every summer party needs to play it so remember to put “Move slowly” by Alina Amuri on your Spotify playlist! I just did that and to make it easier for you here’s the link.
“Daughter” gives me goosebumps. It is a song about her daddy who she hasn’t had any contact with for many years. Being a musician is not easy but she is still grateful for the life she has and that she can do what she loves. I completely relate to that feeling. What impressed me the most is that this song was recorded in one take! These days it is very to do that but obviously the emotion she felt at that exact moment couldn’t be ripped apart – which makes this track unique.
The “Outro” is a very airy short Interlude and picks up on the first notes of the first song of the record. However to me the beginning sounds more sad and like she is still chasing traces. The outro sounds happy and like she has found what Alina Amuri was looking for.
After listening to the record it makes me wonder how the tracks sound like because you know I love live music. I saw her supporting Naturally 7 a few years back and it was a perfect fit. But you know what? You can see her live as a headliner now! She is playing Plaza on June, 8th so make sure to check it out and celebrate the Release of “Chasing Traces” with her. Get your tix via Starticket. She will play another two festivals after this gig on July, 13th at the Kulturfestival in St.Gallen and on August, 10th at the Jazztage in Lichtensteig.
Let me know what you thought of Alina Amuri’s new record “Chasing Traces” in the comments below.

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