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Zurich loves Dean Lewis

I was super excited to see Noah Kahan and Dean Lewis on April 7th at Kaufleuten Zรผrich. I’ve only heard good things about both of them and I guess I wasn’t the only one. When we started queuing an hour and half before doors opened we never expected so many people already there. By the time the doors actually opened people queued around the block! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this at this venue before.

Noah Kahan

We managed to get a good spot in front row and now it was time to wait. Luckily when you are in good company time flies. At 8 o’clock Noah Kahan and his band mates came on stage. The wooping and clapping was already unusally loud. Not only did we get to experience very good songs we enjoyed Noah’s funny stories as well. The guys started with “Passenger” and “False Confidence”. I love when artists crack a joke or tell us the stories behind the songs and Noah Kahan did just that. The set continued with “Carlo’s song” and “Mess”.

But here it is. The song that everyone knows and can singalong to. It’s been on the radio for weeks and the Swiss audience surprised Noah by singing loudly along to “Hurt Somebody”. Noah and his band are incredible musicians and I would have loved to hear more of them but he’s “Only” the warm-up so unfortunately after just a few songs they had to leave the stage. They finished the set with “Young Blood” and I hope they are coming back for a headlining show soon!

Dean Lewis

Holy smokes! Wow! The Swiss audience screamed their lungs out when Dean Lewis took the stage at 9pm. I think I’ve never needed my earplugs more haha
Dean Lewis started his set with “Hold of me” and the Swiss crowd knew every single lyrics. I was super suprised and so was Dean. I think this was one of the loudest singing crowd’s I’ve experienced. “Need you now” and “Place we knew” were next and the singing never stopped. A very emotional song for everyone was “Stay Awake” and I think this totally overwhelmed Dean Lewis. He said that he’s never heard a crowd sing this song as loudly as we did. You could tell by his smile that he loved this show and he loved the Swiss audience.

“Chemicals” and “lose my mind” followed this lovely moment and when he sat down to play a song by himself on his key board he was literally in front of me. And the funniest thing was he actually asked me and the girls how we were and if we’re good. Of course we were and I did my famous two thumbs up haha. With “Half a man” he enchanted Kaufleuten. His beautiful voice, the thoughtful lyrics and his piano skills was all it took to shut the usually chatty Kaufleuten crowd up. I loved it! What a great night it was ๐Ÿ™‚

The band came back for “Time to go” and “Don’t hold me”. Back at the piano Dean Lewis performed his biggest hit “Be Alright” and the crowd’s singing got even louder! A magic moment with all the camera lights in the air swaying to the song. Check out my highlights on IG to get a little glimpse of that special moment. A lovely girl in the front row thought of something really cool. She printed out loads of A4 paper with “We won’t stop loving you! <3” on them. During “7 Minutes” we were suppose to hold it up. And our moment came now. A sea of white paper swaying along to the full song and the reaction to this was priceless. First Dean Lewis looked confused and then he read what was written on them and the biggest smile appeared.

Again we were told how cool and awesome of an audience we are and I think he really meant it. Because it really was true. The girls in the first rows were incredibly loud and knew every song. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it now.
Now this made me like Dean Lewis even more. He said that this band made him want to be a musician and of course he’s talking about the incredible Oasis! (Last year I got to see Liam Gallagher live, read more here) I loved Dean Lewis’ rendition of “Don’t look back in Anger”. Since the Manchester attack at the Ariana Grande gig this song means even more to me than before.

“For the last time” which reminded me a bit of the Script’s “For the first time” – just because I’m a bit obsessed with them as you know – was the last song before the encore. I think the people weren’t ready to let Dean Lewis go. With a deafening applause the Swiss crowd wanted him back on stage and of course they got their wish. “Straight back down” and his first single which got him known in Australia “Waves” were his last two songs of the night. Just after 10 Dean Lewis was finished and I think everyone in the crowd loved this amazing gig. A few of us stayed a bit longer and we were rewarded with an unplugged rendition of “Be Alright” on the streets of Zurich. I’ve never seen an artist come out and instead of taking pics and giving autographs he gave us a little private concert. I loved it and again it was such a special way to finish the night.

Dean Lewis and Noah Kahan treated us with a special night of great voices, great music and amazing lyrics to singalong to. I hope they both will be back very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Is it okay to stand up during a concert?

I’ve been going to concerts for years now and at each gig I fear that we will miss out on good dancing songs because the people behind me are not standing up to dance as well. It’s the same old story every time so here’s my advice to you guys.

Stand up if you feel like it!

You paid to have a good time so you better make sure that you have the best time ever! These days concert ticket prizes are super high so if don’t have a good time because you worry about people around you it’s on you!

I’m usually super considerate but during gigs I don’t understand people who are ruining the fun of other people. When I was little during my 2nd P!nk concert a “Lady” probably more like tramp tipped my shoulders and said would you please sit down. I thought to myself seriously?! P!nk just asked everyone to stand up and dance and she asked me to sit down. Who do you think you are lady… that’s what I should have said but of course my shy me didn’t. And no I didn’t sit down either. That’s the story that stuck with me for years and I swore to myself I’d be never like that.

So each time I go to a gig and even if I don’t really feel the music at the exact moment but someone in front of me does I tell them to stand up. If you feel it, stand up and dance! Lots of times I see people half dancing on their chairs because they are too afraid to stand up from their seats and that’s when I know that I have to tell them to get up. Each time I get a super grateful smile and then they are having the best time.

So whenever I stand up I try to see if I can get out of people’s stage sight but if not possible it’s their choice to stand up as well or stay seated and look around me. It’s not like I’m 10 feet tall and you won’t be able to see anything at all. If I want to see the stage again properly I stand up if someone’s dancing in front of me. That’s the beauty of a seating ticket. You can actually see the stage and no-one is right in front of you. You have options to do something about it unless the peeps down in the standing area.

So is it okay to stand up during a concert? Heck yes!! Have the best time of your life! Enjoy the music, the show, the dancing and the moment because there is nothing better than a good gig and those moment you cannot buy with any money in the world ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Coronas are always good craic

Mainland Music brought the 4 lovely lads from the Coronas back to Zurich! It’s been years since I got to know them as the support of the Script. I immediately fell in love with their music and been a fan of theirs ever since. The thing is they are not just brilliant musicians but also very nice down-to-earth people.

2017-10-03 20.16.58
Polar Circles

This time Polar Circles a Swiss band from Lausanne got to be their opening act on the whole European tour. I really enjoyed one of their last songs a lot and they seemed like really nice people. I especially loved the red guitar <3
Just a little after 9 The Coronas took the stage at Papiersaal with their new single “Real Feel” off their latest album “Trust The Wire”. “Get Loose” and “Addicted to Progress” were the next two songs they chose to play. The lads went on with a mix of new and old songs. Their songs just get you immediately and within minutes everyone was rocking out. From time to time I was looking at people and they were smiling back! I absolutely loved the atmosphere. Everybody had a good time or how the Irish would say good craic.
For “A Bit Withdrawn” Danny made us close our eyes to fully enjoy the song and it was well worth it. What a beautiful song – especially when you listen to it closely! “Who We Are” woke us back up and was full of energy! In “Dreaming Again” you can hear the Irish influence. It makes you sway from side to side and you can almost feel that you are in a proper Irish pub. From the new album this song “We Couldn’t Fake It” is one of the best in my opinion. “Gut Feeling” was next and it’s time to praise Danny incredibly special voice. The Irish accent and the voice itself is a mix that you just have to love.

My personal highlight of the show was when Danny stepped off stage and into the crowd to sing “Heroes or Ghosts” with us as back ground vocals. ๐Ÿ™‚ This song is very old but still one of my favourites. Before the show I was able to meet him for an interview which you can read on my blog too. I took the chance to ask him if he could sing this song in Gaelic. So the 2nd verse of “Heroes or Ghosts” he sang in Gaelic. It was amazing!
Before the title track of their last album “Closer To You” they played “Someone Elses’s Hands” a beautiful rock ballade. In “What A Love” we could prove our singing abilities again before Danny toned it down again for “Give Me A Minute”. Sitting at his keys we enjoyed this wonderful slow song. The last song before the encore was “Mark My Words” which Danny announced like this:

So we tell you that this is the last song before we go off stage and then you hopefully clap as loud as you can and then we come back to play more songs. I’m actually not suppose to tell you this! This is not how it works.

This gave everyone a good laugh and it just shows how incredibly funny and normal they are. As announced they left the stage and we started to shout “One more song, one more song”. They came back on and he said well actually we’ll play four more songs! ๐Ÿ™‚ “Look at all the lovers” was the first encore song before they covered “Learning To Fly” to honour the late great Tom Petty. Another of my favourites called “San Diego Song” was next. This song is brilliant but just too short! One last song “Just Like That” and this 90 minutes set was over.
The Coronas at Papiersaal
The four Irish lads Danny, Dave, Conor and Graham who are always supported by a 5th unofficial member Jonathan are brilliant musicians and their live shows are top notch. So please visit their homepage for tour dates and check out their new album “Trust the Wire“.
Have you been to one of their shows and enjoyed it too? Let me know in the comments below.


Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge

In case you are wondering what the Sunshine Blogger Award is let me quickly explain the challenge. It’s a way of connecting with other bloggers and support their message in a positive and creative way.
So these are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the Sunshine Award and link back to their blog
  • Answer the questions set by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate other blogs and give them questions to answer
  • Notify your nominees through social media or commenting on their blog
  • List the โ€œrulesโ€ and display a Sunshine Award logo in your post

So thank you Curious Pavel for nominating me and I accept the challenge! Here we go:

Q1: Letโ€™s start with a short introduction- what are the 2 sentences that describe you the best?
I love music โ€“ yes, thatโ€™s why I started my music blog โ€“ and football (LFC). Friends would say I am honest and quite funny.
Q2: I am curious (!)โ€ฆ do you believe in New Year Resolutions?
Not really. I think you should set goals during the year and not particularly at New Yearโ€™s Eve. But obviously I do have them โ€“ everyone does. Mine is always clean the appartment more!
Q3: What is the One Thing people who read this need to realize ASAP?
Jeez thatโ€™s a difficult question. Well you my dear reader are on the perfect page for any kinds of information about music and believe me it wonโ€™t be boring like so many newspaper articles. I will tell you my opinion but I will be respectful to the artists and I want to know your opinion too.
Q4: Do you have playlist you like to listen when travelling? If so- share the love:)
It depends where I am travelling to! I like to adapt my playlist to the respective country. For example when I fly to London I always listen to Ella Eyre. If I have to drive a long time and Iโ€™m starting to get bored I always turn to Onerepublic or The Script. Luckily they both have loads of songs I can sing to and surprisingly the time flies by.
Q5: Favourite cuisine and why it should be our favourite too?
Greek cuisine! Deffo! Okay, maybe Italian too. But Greek cuisine is awesome. Itโ€™s not all Gyros and Souvlaki. They have loads of yummy veggie dishes and the deserts are unbelievably good. My favourite greek dish: Briam with Sousoukakia and for breakfast Katimeria!
Q6: Whats the thing that lifts you up when you are feeling down?
My family and my close friends! But oviously also music! Music can lift you up or get you down. There is music for every mood!! Adele makes you sad, P!nk sets your inner rockstar free, Vengaboys make you happy…
Q7: I am sure you are full with stories but whatโ€™s the one story you will tell your grandchildren the most?
Puh! Good question! Probably about my amazing time with The Script in Bern. I was chosen to be one of the flag pole bearers at the beginning of the show. So I literally was part of the gig! It was an amazing feeling and so exhilirating. I totally understand why artists love it! As a huge plus I got to meet lovely friends and thatโ€™s why we are a Script Family ๐Ÿ™‚
Q8: What about someone elseโ€™s story? Who fascinated you the most?
I recently watched a Netflix series called Girlboss and itโ€™s about Sophia Amorusos who established a huge fashion company called Nasty Gal from just an ebay and a myspace account! She is fierce and I would like to be more like her sometimes!
Q9: What is the one thing you cannot get right no matter how many times you try?
Math! J I am not good with numbers at all. I studied communications for a reason ๐Ÿ˜‰
Q10: Do you think you can influence others and make a positive change?
I hope so! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would like to change loads of peopleโ€™s habits and be more respectful to the artist and the fellow concert go-ers. But not only that I would love for everyone to be confident and happy with themselves. Just be yourself and thatโ€™s F***** Perfect like P!nk sings!
Q11: For โ€œla grand finaleโ€, share one of your recent selfies (no filters please ) 
It’s from my latest blog post: Is it okay to shhh people at a concert?

So my 11 Questions are: 

  1. I just started my blog and now I’m wondering why you started blogging?
  2. What’s the most special concert you’ve been to?
  3. What would be the connection between your blog theme and music?
  4. I do a lot of crazy things for concerts so what’s been the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  5. Back to reality. In 5 years where do you want to be with your blog?
  6. I have difficulty to answer this question myself but let’s see if you can. What is your favourite song and why?
  7. Let’s be positive now and lift each other up. Which features do you like most in yourself?
  8. Now that we love ourselves we can be creative. How about short poignant sentence that describes your blog – kind of like slogan.
  9. If you could live through a perfect day how would that day look like?
  10. I love food. So what’s your favourite dish and why?
  11. Lastly if you could meet anyone famous for dinner who would it be and why and where?

I nominate:

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  3. Geek of All
  4. Beauty that walks
  5. Planet Sarah
  6. Paul McGinley Mental Health
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